What should I do when I leave school?

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Do you ever wonder what you’ll be doing in five years time? Ten years time? Twenty years time?

What should I do when I leave school? 

I’ve thought about my future a lot since leaving school and realizing that it was time to start actually planning my life and figuring out what I want to be and where I want to go. I’ve studied a lot of different things for someone my age, simply because I have had ZERO ideas of what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I have only ever imagined my future to be me commuting to work each and every day until retirement and quite frankly, it makes me feel quite depressed.

I was desperate to find something that going to give me the life that I wanted so I was in a rush to find something that I could stay passionate about or the rest of my life. When I was about to leave school I thought about being a vet... then I thought it would be acting... then I thought maybe it would be being a clothes designer... then I thought “hey, what about being a Youtuber?”. None of these ideas lasted very long, once I studied something, basically, I was over it. I came to the conclusion that maybe I just wasn’t destined for greater things and I would spend my life in a job that I hated. This has been a pretty exhausting (and costly) experience.

After leaving school and working in different industries, not having the ability to fully utilize my skills; I found something that ticked all the boxes (yay!). Something that allowed me to work from wherever I wanted, awesome. Something that allowed me to actually have some spare time so that I could explore my beautiful country, sweet! And something that actually made me happy, the most important thing of all.


The thing is, I can never get sick of the digital economy career path I have chosen, unlike my many other unsuccessful career pathways simply because the online world is constantly changing. I can go anywhere and do anything with my online business without limitations to my time, energy, passion levels, finances and certainly not with opportunities.

Starting this online business with my business partner, Karen (and mum) has been the most exciting thing happen to me in my life yet. Our goals and dreams are finally starting to become a reality and this is only the beginning!

We are extremely thankful for the opportunity to learn how to make money online from the most amazing, cutting-edge education program that exists today. We were provided with everything we needed to start our own online business - technical know-how, digital platforms, personal mentoring and an entire library of online learning - all in one complete tool-box.  Everything we need to start our own business that is leading us to the life we want, a life on our own terms. 

Today Karen and I are giving you the opportunity to see what SFM is about.

Stuart and Jay, the founders of SFM, have kindly created a free video series that allows you to see what all the hype is about with this online world we speak of. There is a whole other world out there that you don’t even know exists! Expand your horizons and take a look.

- Jacky x 

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