What you don't know WILL Harm you!

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I have heard it said, "What you don't know will not harm you/ kill you". Okay, wait for a second while I laugh at this notion.

Think with me because I need some clarification on this, I am really employing my mental faculties to understand what could have been the intention of this person, let's call them the "sayer" in this instance.

I wonder if this was said as a result of some deductive logic or some sort of research. I have had my fair share of misinformed decisions that almost sent my life into a tailspin crushing into a pit I would find really hard to get out of.

In a few pointers: let me only give 3 so I can elaborate to you how I have found a new way of thinking. When you reach the end of this article you will see what new saying I have come up with for myself.


Three things you should know:

  1. Availability of information: we are living in the age of information availability. I am a computer enthusiast so I can tell you for sure right now as you read this article you are able to find anything exponentially faster than 5 years ago. This information is not only available but its the joint upon which society turns today. For example, today doctors are using archived information through machine learning systems to better diagnose diseases and make new cures. The pace at which the world is moving is so fast that there is no room for such a saying as what you don't know won't kill you. As we speak researchers are trying to find the way to make humans immortal, they are now considering aging as a disease, not an inevitable factor. So if you did not know this how won't it harm you the day the technology is established? I fail to understand. I guess this is what I am saying not knowing these days is not an excuse, everything is data-driven. Knowledge is wealth.
  2. Availability of infrastructure: gone are the days when we used to suffer through rudimentary means to get things done, and by things, I relate to technological infrastructure. If you need a platform in a few days there are already languages established to make this happen, the logic is already there. You need to establish say a payment API over whatever network, let it be a phone, and computer the infrastructure is already done. The world is connected and is a no longer seen as many parts, while you are on the internet you are all in a global village. Why is this important to you? Are you looking to begin something? Do you have some ideas you want to implement you will be shocked to find someone else has already made the work easy for you and if you don't know it won't kill you but it will slow your progress and waste your resources? Think about it.
  3. The digital economy: every country has their economy, however, we have now what they call a digital economy. We have reached dematerialization of physical infrastructure to bits and bytes for example right now you don't need to walk to your community library to find Dr. Myles Munroe's book on Purpose, you can just google it. You no longer need to walk to the bank, you have a card that carries all your business information and its connected to your phone which contains the bank's database working on a simple application. Our businesses are moving to an online modernity, you book your seat online, pay online, and just show up. Disruptive technologies have revolutionalized how economics work because now we can easily teach machines to tell us trends of customers. It is amazing and if you do not know I really don't see how this works for you.

Well, these are the only pointers I would like to give today and save the rest for another time, my updated saying goes like this: "If you don't know....then better find out soon." 

I had no idea there was a group of people who had set up a good platform to learn how to establish an online business. I had no ideas about marketing strategies and avatars how if you are marketing to everyone you are marketing to no one. This delayed my moving forward in this venture but now I know and you can know too. I have studied in this area and I thank them sincerely.

Please find on this link a few free materials to get you informed on what could be a life-changing decision, if it suits you find out more if not you need to Google and find something elsewhere.