When scientists look to BEETLES to replace Human jobs, is it time to consider a career change?

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I just watched a video on scientists in Singapore activating the leg muscles of beetles with electrical current in order to supersede their natural walking or running functions. The tests on “galloping mode” have been conducted over a period of 7 days???..........C’mon people!

My mind tells me, much like a tortoise, a beetle on its back spells the beginning of the end for its existence. Imagine being taped to a Lego piece, placed on your back and having to endure an electrical surge through your body for a prolonged period of time???

But hey…….these guys are compassionate, they give the beetles breaks to eat, in order to keep them alive. All acceptable under the guise of technological advancement.......after all it's only a beetle, right?

Their aspiring claim to fame is, in time, beetles one-day, may be used to perform “search and rescue” operations…………sniffing bodies out………if that’s what beetles do, and potentially flying into enemy lines in order to relay position back to their captors..........?

I wonder if they will anticipate taking out Life Insurance for these "bold musketeers"………who would underwrite such a policy, given their lifespan is only that of 3 to 6 months……..?

The point I am making, besides what your emotions have to say pertaining this type of testing, is, we should recognise what is happening to the future of job security across the World, and the change towards technology? 

Are we to believe, the image of a man/woman in a suit walking to work with a briefcase in hand, is to be one-day reserved for wax museums – the manufacturing process is already operating by machine……..makes sense right…….why deal with staffing issues such as unreliability, sickness and error, when a robot is able to operate void of personal needs and loyalty?

Could we one day see the advent of “creatures” such as mice, rats and beetles, by then, in colourful attire, whizzing past us on the way to work? They may have to fly in specific “fly only zones” otherwise insurance won’t pay out……..I mean cars would be a major problem?

We are living in a technology era, which if this carries on, may add a few more “cultures” to society than what we are accustomed to?

Job insecurity is already at an all-time high, just what changes are you going to make?.........more importantly, what are the changes your children need to plan for?

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