Which industry makes the most money?

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One of the most profitable and money making industries today is:

The Digital Economy!

There has never been an industry developing so fast and in such dimensions like the mentioned one. It’s not just one of the most focused ways the world economy is walking to, it’s also one of the most “we need to be in” industries.

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There’s no way around the digital economy because all of us start using our phones, laptops, PCs and other devices more and more. Not being on the internet can cause a huge whole in your companies pocket and that’s what we don’t want so we have no other choice as to follow.

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Further more does the digital economy cover a topic which is completely new to a lot of people who just know the classic business model. Here and now, everyone can enter the Internet and open an online business for their own. It has never been simpler to start something for your own interests than nowadays.
So the change is coming and if you’re clever, you develop with it!

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