What's SFM and Why I Love it!

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SFM is a platform I use in my Mission and commitment to serve others with love.

SFM stands for Six Figure Mentors which is a company that teaches you to earn money online so you can earn passive income and stop trading your time for money.

This is not a get rich quick scheme... and is not for you if you think this does not require work. There is definitely a learning curve if you don't know any thing about marketing on the internet. The Work SFM requires will feel like play when you figure out how to align your passion with making money online and you are learning how to escape the 9-5 rat race.

The point is for you to get in the flow, so your are lost in time doing what you love..

So why does SFM turn me on? Because SFM is Fun!

Basically, SFM teaches you how fuse your passion and sell anything online. I chose to be an Affiliate for SFM (meaning sell SFM services) as a starting point.

However, many of its members use this proven system to start other businesses, improve their own and  become literally Millionaires!


I made my first $20 yesterday....lol so I'm excited! This was after 3 months and I guess It took me a longer time than most of my friends because I was scared and wasn't consistent...But I'm not going to let Fear of Failure stop me anymore, my Friend.

I am a self help junkie and an ambassador  for Joy and personal growth. Dedicated to helping people Master Financial Freedom.  I use being a an affiliate for SFM digital marketing education as a vehicle to empower people and help make dreams come true!

I am a student and I get to earn while I learn AND  while fulfilling my passion of promoting  personal growth and happiness...This is why SFM turns me on!

I made amazing powerful friends that support each other within the SFM social network  community and with my team and teachers. 


 I enjoy weekly live and recorded webinars from daily meditation to no nonsense hard core, powerful lessons about Marketing.

I tell you, sometimes it feel like Church the "wake up call"  get together with one of the leaders "JJ" who will have you staggering in an AHA thought and have you nodding your head saying "AMEN Brother!"

 These people care about your mindset and concentrating on YOUR vision and YOUR empowerment is huge part of SFM.


You can Meet my Teachers Stuart and Jay who founded SFM and will teach you to do this because You deserve a lifestyle you love.

Here is a message to struggling SFM students for a honest account of what you will be getting into if you want to start a buisness you love.

 A Message to struggling SFM students

Do You feel me?

If you do, let me know and comment below   I hope this touched moved and inspired you because that is my goal. I wanna spread love.

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Jaja Requa

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