Why It Could Be Smart To Be Stubborn

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Could be smart to be stubborn if your goal is well defined

If it’s smart to be stubborn depends on one single thing: Do you have a well-defined goal you are sufficiently passionate about it. For many, the word “stubborn” has a negative touch, but it can actually be the complete opposite. Stubbornness can even be an undervalued attribute.

In general, society doesn’t like stubborn people. As an employee, you might get frustrated when your boss refuses to bend on an outdated policy. As a parent, you can get frustrated when your children refuse to eat certain food.

The list of example can go on for a while, but each case could be questioned with if it is smart to be stubborn. Maybe the right way to approach the issue is to decline from your initial idea to get things done.

Many view stubbornness and being smart as two different poles. Either you’re stubborn or you’re smart. This article takes a new approach to the whole topic, where it actually can be smart to be stubborn. The one million question will then be when to decline and when is it smart to be stubborn, and fight for your idea till the end.

You will never know until the end if you are right or not. However, all ideas transformed into real goals you’re burning for deserve a try from your side.

Before you continue reading, you need to be aware of all “me” and “I” expressions. In fact, it’s all about you and to be frank, you don’t care about me. What you will read in this article are examples from my own life and experiences. Avoid the failures I did, and copy things that turned out well.

It’s Smart To Be Stubborn If You Know Exactly The Path To Go


When deciding more than ten years ago to start running marathons, it took some time before the decision turned into a plan. To run 42.2km (26.2 miles) is nothing you can do without proper training.

The training program is a plan that fits your personal background and conditions, and not a “copy/paste” thing. The passion for running my first marathon pushed me through the training program. All people around me (no runners) thought that “this must be a weird guy.”

Running 5 am to avoid the heat in the summertime. Being out running when it’s rainy and windy. The stubbornness in other people’s eyes is nothing else than your passion and well-defined goal coming together in action.

Since then 22 marathon races have been concluded and more to come.

The other example when it has been smart to be stubborn is the creation of my online business. The dream to leave the corporate world, becoming your own boss, and live life on my terms is the daily motivator to continue my entrepreneurial journey online.

For sure there are a lot of struggles. The failures are there but also the positive steps forward.

When deciding early 2016 to start blogging as part of my business, a detailed plan becomes the frame for the blog. Among other things, my audience should be able to read a new post every 5th day. With pride, I can now look back and notice that I have not failed.

It’s smart to be stubborn if you will provide value like in the case of my blogging. Do what you have to do and never lose focus on your goal and commitment.

Smart To Be Stubborn For A Win-Win Procedure

When starting my online business, I didn’t have much idea of how to make it happen. With my dream transforming into a passion, the decision to make it happen becomes something not negotiable.

A committed plan always goes through five steps: Dream – Wish – Desire – Goal - Plan

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We all have a lot of dreams, but for different reasons, they stay as dreams or maybe go one or two steps further. The level of passion for what you have in your mind is decisive if it all will end up in a commitment and a plan.

As almost all enthusiastic online entrepreneurs, I ran into scams and failed like many others. However, the passion never changed, and by continues research, pretty soon I found the system and platform that since then is my base for the continued growth of my business.

It’s a win-win procedure where you as an affiliate marketer quickly can get your business up and running. If you work hard and do it with true passion, you will soon see the start of the income stream from what you’re doing.

Blogging, drop shipping, consulting, or whatever your business idea is, this platform will let you feel “at home” immediately. You will get all the tools you need, and the support from the company as well as the unique community is just fantastic.

If your dream is in line with mine, click on the banner to the left and learn more. It’s smart to be stubborn, but you also have to mix it up with tools, skills, and knowledge. You will find it all RIGHT HERE!


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