Why Release Your Music With FFM Records?

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Every recording artist dreams of landing a record deal with one of the industry giants such as Sony or Virgin but, sadly it is just that, a dream. Don’t get me wrong, it is a fantastic dream to have and to hold on to but you are more likely to win the lottery than to become one of the teeny-tiny percentage of hardworking, talented musicians who land the big contract.

Of course these days anyone can release their own music as an independent artist but it is still better to be part of a collective with a brand and a following, i.e. a record label. Now, there are many companies who are more than happy to take your money and release your music for you as an independent, even if it is a recording of Happy Birthday on the kazoo, as they will charge an upfront fee and let you get on with it. Your hard graft will most likely be swallowed up amongst the millions of other great tracks out there and never get noticed.

This is why I founded FFM Records.

When you choose to release your music with FFM, this is what happens:

We will listen to your music and give an honest opinion as to whether your music is market ready.

If it’s all good, we will make you an FFM Artist and release your music to all digital outlets such as Amazon, Spotify etc.

We will do the heavy lifting for you tracking data and collecting royalties.

You will have a profile page on our website which we will update as your career progresses.

We will give you the links to your music and your profile page to share and promote with your fan base.

We will treat you as a member of the FFM family.

Now you can carry on dreaming and wait for Simon Cowell to ring, or you can take control of your music career and join FFM Records. It’s your choice and you have nothing to lose as FFM will never charge musicians upfront for any of the services we offer, now or ever!

How do we survive and make a profit? We ask you for a 30% commission on your royalties which, is much less than the big boys.

Roger Moisan, Founder- Director of FFM Records (Freedom for Musicians Ltd)

For more details on the process, go here. 

FFM Records, for the many, not the few.

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