Why Relying On Facebook For Business Will RUIN You

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Harking back to something I said the other day about Facebook’s days being numbered: it seems I upset a few people, cuz, feels.

How anyone can have an emotional reaction to this is beyond me, although I suspect it’s because I’m forcing them to confront something unpleasant they know to be true but would rather pretend wasn’t.

So, just to twist the knife a bit and upset these Snowflakes further, I wanna share my reasoning with you in this post.

The Internet's Evolving

The first thing is the Internet and the real-estate on it is changing and evolving at an ever-increasing rate.

To imagine Facebook’s site will always be the dominant one is to ignore what’s happened over and over in the past, when apparently unassailable websites lost their top-spot (some to vanish without trace).

Remember MySpace?

Friends Reunited?




There’s a chance you’ve never even heard of the last two, but in their day they were a big deal.

The signs certain demographics are already leaving Facebook are clear, and it would be folly to base your livelihood on the assumption the trend won’t continue and perhaps even accelerate and spread.

Second thing is when sites like Facebook become big enough to become institutions and attract the attention of government, you can be sure things are going to turn to shit, because government can’t do anything as efficiently or effectively as private enterprise (save war, genocide, and wasting resources).

As time goes on Facebook will become ever-more regulated and constrained, likely to the point where your actions as a user and especially as a business owner will be severely watered-down and constrained (all for you own and the greater good, of course).

I could go on, but there’s no point.

If you’re relying on good ol' Facebook for your leads - your business and livelihood are both dangling by a thread.

Even if you’ve got a wide spread of sites you use for traffic other than Facebook, there's always a chance things could go tits up, thus leaving you and your income in a hole deeper than the Grand Canyon.

This is a fact — and the great thing about facts is they’re true whether you believe them, like them, or think they “should” be true or not.

I realise why you might be sceptical, but let me share on last thought with you…

I've long said the mindless and ovine flocking of everyone and his uncle to Facebook and other platforms is an extinction-level clusterfuck in the making.

But do people listen?


Do they ever learn from history?


One reason for our species-wide stubbornness to see the obvious is we are crap at assessing probabilities and risk — we tend to assume the likelihood of an event occurring is somehow a function of how recently it last occurred.

So the longer ago it was, the less likely we think it is to happen again. And even a week is a very long time in Internet marketing.

But this is a mental model our brains construct for us and it in no way reflect reality except by accident.

So, as always, it pays to stick to the fundamentals — those hardcore essentials you need to master if you want to be immune to the fuckwittery of online platforms which exist to make a profit and not grow your business (which is entirely right and proper, because they're acting in their own rational self-interest, as we all should in a sane world).

The smart option?

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- Joe

P.S - There's nothing wrong with using platforms like Facebook to drive leads to your business. The issue arises when people put all their eggs in one basket.

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