Why Selling Air Will Become A Big Business In The Near Future

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One thing that always puzzled me is that water is so abundant on the planet but it is being sold and bought, while some people, somewhere, find it hard to drink even when they are thirsty.

At the same time the air we breathe is also very abundant and as vital as water, if not even more so. However it is known that it has been commercialised in the last few years. Now with the sudden apparition of the Covid 19, and its deadly way of transmission from human to human through our breath and close contact, will the trade of quality air take its flight?


Facial Masks

It is now certain that the new disease, also called CoronaVirus, has prompted millions of people around the world to wear a facial mask. I have seen a vast variety of masks being used. Whether most of them really offer any protection from viruses remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, I have always sensed that we live in an age where there is a great concern regarding the air we breathe. Pollution is right now the single biggest concern in the world according to sources from the World Health Organisation (WHO).


A Great Opportunity

It is estimated that air pollution related diseases kill around 7 million people every year around the world. So there is now every reason for any entrepreneur who would look into it to, to take the business of selling anything that can protect people from air pollution and particularly viruses, seriously. This is a great opportunity, perhaps for you.

The whole world has now learned that a lethal virus could wipe out the entire human population, except a few, who would have the adequate protection to survive.


The Human Life Is At Threat

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and billionaire turned “philanthropist” had spoken a few years ago about the fact that, the whole world is more likely to be struck by a virus transmitted through the air we breath than anything else. Then his prediction came true in the form of Covid 19 at the end of 2019. People are now waking up to the reality that it would take just a deadly virus that would be passed through human to human to destroy millions if not billions of human life.


Pollution The Other Big Problem

Back in 2015 there were a couple of people from Alberta, Canada who started selling air. According to the Guardian newspaper, Moses Lam and Troy Paquette sold a bag of air on Ebay for 99 Canadian Cents (about 0.65 Euros). They started the trade as a joke, but ended up taking it seriously after the price reached about 114 Euros. It later emerged that the two partners considered the business mainly as a profit rather than bringing a solution to the air pollution problem the world is facing.


More Solutions

Since then other business minded people from Sweden and the United Kingdom have jumped on board the trade of “quality”air, which they collect from, as they say, clean air places such as Lake Louise, rocky mountains in North America or in the British countryside.


The world has seen many tragedies caused by viruses in the past. There is now an ever growing sense that the air we breathe could be at risk through pollutants and viruses. As an entrepreneur myself, I would not rule out someone somewhere coming out with a great solution even better than selling air which is so abundant on the planet. It could

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