Why we shouldn't have freedom of speech.

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Honestly tell me the last time you heard someone say something smart just before saying "I have freedom of speech". Let me see.

Five minutes later and I still can't find an intelligent conversation that comes just before that it seems as if all the people that seem to want to say it say something unbecoming just before it. Which totally defeats the purpose of the freedom. 

I highly doubt the whole concept of freedom of speech was intended to mean. Say whatever you want even if it doesn't make sense you have a right to say it. Well if that is the case then it's sad. 

Don't get me wrong I do believe the freedom to express oneself is fundamental. I mean there is so much out there that can change the world or the circumstances of men. However, just think with me a little. 

Would you give your child a gun to play with? I don't think so. Why do you stop your 15-year-old from engaging in adult activities? Is it because they don't have the necessary machinery to apply? Nope, they do. But why?

Here is the reason why: because its the same reason you don't give an ignorant person a gun called freedom of speech and allow them to aim it at everyone.

It is absurd, I normally write mainly in the area of business. If you send someone who doesn't know what a right means to close a deal for you, I think that is not such a smart decision. 

My personal opinion would be to let people who have a certain level of knowledge in a particular subject be the ones to enjoy the freedoms. It's only a man who has learned to use a gun that can enjoy the freedoms of carrying it around. It is only based on some sort of qualifications. 

You have a right to citizenship based also on some conditions. You need to have been born or met some sort of qualification. If you check there is a pattern to enjoy freedoms. The pattern is qualification then freedom apply. What is the qualification for freedom of speech?

Interesting huh? Well, I am sure you could outreason me any day but that is not the point now. I would not let you tell me about something you don't know. This kind of thinking has led to crime also such as cyber-bullying. When people don't know, or agree with what you think or stand for, you become a target. They use their "freedoms" to bash you in public for some of their sinister needs.

I can stand here and write about digital business and also recommend some because I have earned the right by virtue of practicing it for a while now. I have some knowledge that earns me the freedoms. As a matter of fact, you should click the banner below after pondering on this article in order to see how you can jump-start your business online.

Anyway, we say its a 'free' world. I am not sure where the boundaries of our freedom lie. I was just simply sharing a lingering thought towards pondering a new way of living and thinking. 


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