Why You MUST Follow Your Dreams and Listen to Your Heart?

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I am sure everyone has been turned down before, regardless of being turned down by your parents, friends or your spouse. It is not a new experience to everyone. But when it comes to business and dreams, you should not settle even though there will be loads of hurdles and nay-sayers in your path.


The successful person will only listen to their own mind and do whatever it takes to succeed. I am not saying you shouldn’t take other’s opinion at all, but if you want something badly, you should do everything in your power to go after it.


I still remember a year before, I had no money, but I know E-commerce and online business is my path. I hate listening to my boss’s commands and I just want the FREEDOM to do whatever I want. I could take a break whenever I want. I am fighting for my own life and I am the only one responsible for my life.


Ask Yourself What Would True FREEDOM Mean For You?


I have always been asking myself this questions a million times in my head.

It all comes to your WHY. Why you would like to make a change to your current circumstances? Is there any dissatisfaction you have on your life?


For me, FREEDOM means:


Enabling me to travel the world with less than a couple of months notice.

Enabling me to build an online business that I truly love and am passionate about from my laptop while travelling the world.

Enabling me to reach a milestone that almost everyone at my age aren’t accomplishing right now. (I am 20 years old right now)


The freedom to pack a bag, book a flight and get home to Hong Kong with no real plan as to when I’ll be back.


With no need to ask permission from an employer.


You are on your own. Deal with it and get back to work. Nice…


PLEASE!! Life is short and there is just so little we can do... Treasure your time. Ask yourself are you really willing to work your butt off for your boss and make him rich. Don’t leave any regrets. Your life is yours and you should be the one dictating it.


The Path to True Freedom…

For me, the path started with simply wanting time and financial freedom.

The education and community I found within the SFM by starting on that path has given me ALL of that and SO MUCH MORE!

To your success, freedom and – most importantly – YOUR HAPPINESS,

Your Pal,


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