Why You Should Always Listen To Your Heart

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How and why you should always listen to your heart is one of the best things I learned in life. When you follow it, it often leads you on the right path. It is when you do not comply with it that things go wrong. You might not always approve or like what it has to say. Yet, it is constantly honest with you.

Should you pursue what your heart is telling you? Why is it so hard for many of us to make decisions? And how do you listen to it to access and achieve your deepest desires?

First of all, you have to understand that an inexperienced heart is often your worst enemy while a well-experienced core can be your greatest asset in life. Deep down, your heart knows what you feel and believe. It holds the answers as well as keeping your fears. And it generally works in collaboration with your gut and intuition.

Yet, today people think very little of their heart while trying to avoid following or listening to what it has to say. They often hesitate, reject or ignore the feelings they have and in doing so, they weaken a vital asset which then becomes an adversary.

Why Should You Follow Your Heart

As a child, you always followed your heart, but then you grow up, slowly stirring away from what you now believe are childish dreams. Yet, you should listen more to your instincts and learn to trust them. You must realize that when you hear it, your heart more than often guides you in the right direction. Your heart may not be right each time, but you cease to have regrets.

Although things may not always work in your favor, you know that at least you have tried. You do not have to live with the feeling of “what if...?” You learn to trust your gut and know that if you listen, your heart will guide you in the right direction.

Once you begin to follow your heart, you realize what truly matters to you. You start to understand yourself on a higher and more significant level. Who knows? You may be surprised! But it only is when you choose to face the truth buried in your heart that you initiate your real desires to come to fruition.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

Very often, it is not your head that tells you if you go off course but your heart. It shows you that you are not on the path on which you should be, which is the path of your true course. Your gut always guides you in the right direction, pointing to your real fulfillment in life.

So you have to learn to trust much more in your intuition. So many people in this world are out of tune with what their heart is telling them. It shows them what to do and what direction they should be taking. Yet, most folks refuse or ignore to follow it, often out of fear of failure or thought of impossibility.

And yes, it may be a long time since you trusted what your gut says, but if you start to listen and follow your heart again, you clear a space which can bring you to the place you always dreamed of wanting. Therefore, stop overthinking and go with what life throws at you.

How to Listen to Your Heart

First, the first step to understanding how to listen to your heart is to check your gut. When you are in a delicate situation, an indecisive moment, or on a wrong path, what is your intuition telling you? Leave your brain aside for a moment. Then try to go deep down, and be honest towards your feelings about whatever the issue is.

However, the feeling you might get may seem wholly irrational or unacceptable or like nonsense but stay with it for an instant. Too often, these illogical sensations are the reasons you usually ignore them and push them away without acknowledging that they are there.

Second, do not have any shame or fear; therefore take a good look at whatever your heart brings up. It won’t hurt you or have to lose something! So, take just a glimpse if that is all you can do. Realize that your heart will not change until it knows you have listened to it. It is when they do not hear it that people are left wondering with regrets at the end of their lives.

Your Heart Never Lies

Next, what you want to do is to get real quiet with what your heart is telling you. Ask yourself questions and listen to what your mind throws out at you. The answer that comes first is generally a logical answer your conscious mind is used to think but not the one you are looking for.

So, let it go and dig deeper. Make room for your heart to honestly tell you what it has to say and believe. Listen carefully for things that just do not make much sense or that you have the desire to push away. And keep paying attention to your gut feeling and how it reacts.

As you do this, you might get stuck in fear, an alarm or an unexpected reaction. It is often a sign that your heart is trained for years of only doing things in a certain way. Everyone goes through this!
Then, state that you disagree with this wrong belief. And begin to replace it with a different conviction such as one of your desires. It will help you access your true self.

Just Hear Your Heart

Now, you have to realize that your heart and mind are creatures of habit. You cannot expect to change in a flash. If I ask to snap your fingers and stop liking something you love, it won’t happen. And people are often unsuccessful because old habits come back. It can catch you before you even notice it.

Therefore, you have to pay attention and keep yourself in check. Catch yourself when you slip and remind yourself of what is the truth. Listen to your heart and its lessons since it knows your true desires. It knows much more than you do. When you are honest with yourself and willing to look at what is indeed in your heart, you open yourself up to opportunities like never before.

To end, know that your heart recognizes your real wants and needs, and what sincerely makes you happy and satisfied. You have to be who you are truly meant to be, doing what you are meant to do. And not just making a living. And that is why you should always listen to your heart.

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