Windows 10 – Better or worse?

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Windows 10 – Better or worse?

What about the latest product of Microsoft? The all-new Windows 10? At first, it seems like a completely new version but when you go deeper you’ll see that it’s just an improved version with a new layout on top of it.

Let’s check the history. There was a time, long, long ago, when there was DOS. The time where there was no graphics screen or a mouse to point and click. It was just in 1995 when the first non-DOS version was released. That’s just about 20 years ago. In that time, they released many other versions, one better than the other one. But almost every time it seems like they released a good version and after that a lesser one. Version 98 wasn’t bad but the 98 2nd edition was much more stable. Same with some of the next versions like XP and Vista. And after 7 came version 8. The same thing, 8 was not the version the people were waiting for. They tried to fix it with version 8.1 but not with big success.

Not long after the release of 8.1, the news spread that Windows 10 was coming and it would be mind-blowing. A lot of enthusiasts thought that it would be a much more stable version as the previous version wasn’t too good. I must say that it is better than 8.1!

I was in doubt when the first version was in the stores and waited until a few updates were released. Some of my colleagues told me that it was too soon to buy the new version because they had driver issues. Some hardware needed new drivers and some brands did not make new drivers for their old boards. They also still needed to fix some bugs so I kept my stable Windows 7. After a few months, I was curious about the difference and I installed a Windows 10 via VMware Workstation. This way I could keep my stable 7 and test 10 virtually.

In a first impression, I noticed the new layout with the tiles. The new configuration screens and options. But when I got deeper I saw that there were still option screens with the old Win7 layout. Not everything was built new and there are still the same option panels underneath the new layout. Not too bad, this way it’s still familiar and you don’t need to search for hours to adjust some settings.

Everything seemed to work fine and after a few months I took my chances and reinstalled my PC with the latest 10. I had a few minor issues. An old TV card didn’t work anymore, my inkjet printer didn’t work because of driver issues. Besides that, everything seemed to work just fine. I replaced the printer with a laser copier and I didn’t watch TV anymore on my PC so problem resolved.

Still, not everything is good with Windows 10. I’ve tried many things to resolve this but until this day I can’t seem to get it fixed. I use 2 monitors on my desktop and one of them randomly goes black. Everything points into the direction of a driver. I updated my video card driver to the latest version but still, randomly the screen goes black for a few seconds. I even tried 2 different versions of Windows 10 but no help. If anyone has had the same issue and resolved it, please do leave a comment :-)

I’m curious about what Microsoft will bring on the market in the next years.

What’s your thought about it?


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