Work from home if you are a university student

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Most people think working from home is something that can only be achieved once you’ve earned a degree or own a business, this is a huge and frustrating misconception about making an income online. I am here to tell you that first it’s possible and second I have a proposition for you… If you have printed CVs and are looking for work anywhere you might want to try this. No experience needed, no degree, no bs! If you are a student and like the idea of studying and working from your bedroom this is for you. Now hear me up, this is not an offer for those that quit easily, and are not ready to invest time and effort into learning how to make money online, so if you are willing to learn and eventually master a new skill you’ve my full support and attention.

Now the good news is that most of us already spend most of our lives, in the virtual world, so let’s stop trying to change this reality and let’s take advantage of it. There is an Affiliate marketing program called ‘The Six Figure Mentors’ that specialises in people wanting to earn an income online without having to own a product or offer a service. Lead by two of the most successful online marketers out there, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, they will train you and guide you step by step to become the best affiliate marketer in the shortest amount of time (if you don’t believe me check out this free 7 day video series they did a while back). You will be assigned a personal mentor, gain access to exclusive live classes and the necessary tools to get you started in a few weeks.

Again, Real Talk.
If you are looking for quick cash then this is not for you, however if you are willing to take action and enjoy the short journey, you will be earning money online in a no time, you must stay focused. I am living proof that it works, after a few months of learning, acting and analysing my progress, I am living the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’, no stress about getting up early to work, or long shifts, no work stress. I work the hours I want to (which dictates my income!) and I have the financial freedom to train full time and be my own boss (I am 18 years old by the way, few people are their bosses at this age, join the club now!).

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at and if you want to follow my journey through the Tennis Rankings click here

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