BUSINESS NEWS: Are You Wired To Be a Business Owner?

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BUSINESS NEWS: Are You Wired To Be a Business Owner?


Business news was the furthest thing from my mind as I pecked and hunted for my early career path.  So many changes occur throughout our early lives, why do we expect these changes to vanish upon graduating from high school, college, or graduate school?  Despite our desire for comfort, changes and discomfort demand us to grow.  Growth that brings out the hidden magician within us.


When I recap my most recent endeavor, a mirror like image bounces back at me.  Like an all on “body slam” life lesson penetrated into my very being.  Fresh off my third major business venture, my energy, hope, and discipline were clicking on all cylinders.  Past and present experiences merging into a pool of potential. 



A purpose driven business that demanded the best of me.  It was my time to engulf into my passions, and grant others permission to do the same.  Rocket fuel energy that can only be replicated when you’re in your personal “hot spot”.  My chance to represent true potential and lead by example.  Now being aligned with the tools, resources, and connections everything was now within arm’s reach.


Breaking Business News!

Not so fast buddy!  Suddenly my most recent business which was recently sold, was in financial strife.  A merger that on the surface appeared to be a good fit, clearly was not.  After intervention I found leadership, communication, inventory, and direction were in disarray.  Despite my new direction, I was pulled back into something that I had moved past.  My plans had been altered in a way that displeased me yet, reminded me of truth.  “Our truth” in which we’re not really steering the ship of life, we are the active (physical) participant of it.  After initial shock, I found my parental trait take form as I began to tend to the neglected business.         


30 years of owning and building successful businesses, was not a path I had ever expected to take.  Academically, one might think I’d be the last person to travel this path.  Yet, what I might say “reverse education” danced in my space.  Through these 50 year-old-eyes, I now see things much clearer.  The mystery and beauty of life, feels like a smooth blend of active surrender. 



Early in life, education presented me with a continuous barrage of uphill challenges.  A swim or sink environment was front and center on the daily.  Inadvertently my destiny, education, and purpose were wrapped in one.  My deficiencies in the classroom, were utilized and molded into my greatest strength.  I strongly believe that if you’re never desperate, your true potential will remain untapped.


Is it fun?  No. Is it stressful?  Yes.  Is it necessary?  I would say yes, if you want to want to tap into “real” potential!  When  my classmates went through their normal routine, I’d do extra credit, stay after class, and scavenge for opportunities.  The opportunity to build and understand rapport, was unquestionably my true education.  Not graded and not part of the curriculum but, certainly an education.  A communication skill bringing humility, confidence, and mutual respect full circuit. 


Nothing has opened more doors for me than humility.  I’ve reaped the benefits daily from this inherited trait, a trait I wouldn’t trade for anything.  What many may perceive to be a trait resembling weakness, can easily be cultivated and seasoned into an opportunity. 

This content is designed to reevaluate academic skills correlation to business building success.  I’ve meet countless C.E.O.’s and administrators that lack the “street swagger” necessary to navigate the treacherous waters of business ownership.


Regardless if you desire to start a traditional or on-line business, there are no short cuts.  To be blunt, short cuts are why so many businesses fail. 


Your business news should start with You!


Questions to ask yourself:


1.        Do you believe you’ll do whatever is necessary to make your business successful?  You need to realize that you are the nucleus of your company.  You need to attract like-minded individuals who will unwaveringly represent your mission.


2.       Are you first willing to LEARN, DO, and then finally ready to TEACH?  Always in this sequence!  Learn and do with laser focus and write everything down in a teachable learnable format.  Hire and teach only after you respect and appreciate the roll.  I’m speaking in terms of small businesses, and understand that large companies need a different level of finesse.


3.       Do you have a clear explanation of why you are building this business?


4.       Do you look at owning your own business like owning stocks, bonds, or real estate?  If so, please save yourself the time, money, and energy by avoiding the journey of business ownership.


5.       Do you want your life to play out like a movie?  The whole enchilada!  The highs, lows, uncertainties, and challenges all with a front row seat in your own movie.  Be honest with yourself and get your answer.  If you’re ready to step up to the plate, the support and knowledge are there for the real seekers.


My mission is to assist those bold enough to step outside the herd and play an active role in their own movie.  Make business news by simply being the best version of yourself.  A personal and family legacy awaits you, if you “really” want it.


Thank you for sharing your time with me.  Please share comments and follow me, it would be my honor to support you along your journey.  If you've qualified yourself for this new path, click the link below for more free info designed to guide.


Wade W. Bergner




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