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Moments of Thoughtful Thoughts             

Thinking is among my personality traits as an introvert. I think a lot, and often that leads me to be anxious about so many things and questioning everything and doubting everything until I am able to redirect myself to the moment. Today, I was just thinking of how fast everything is moving including the business world. I thought about how fast the digital world is speeding I was stunned. Then, I ask the question where is the world rushing to why such a high speed with technology and knowledge? I was so thrilled with the answer I got, you may agree with it or disprove it. But I think, it makes a lot of sense.

 According to Brian Tracy, he argued that the driving force behind the explosion of knowledge and expansion of technology is “competition”. Tracey described this kind of competition in business as aggressive, determined, creative, and ruthless than ever before, and he went further to predict that if anything, that things will be even tougher, in the months, and years ahead. Can you imagine? See how fast everything is moving, even the media cannot catch up any longer with the breaking news, talk less having time to analyze the news sources. Things are really at crazy speed! Pause and ponder.

 Is Online Business a Warfare?

Marketing to an extent can be described as warfare, but a different kind of war.  This is because, according to one author, the military warfare is aimed at the defeat or conquest of people and territory. While the Military combat is aimed at destruction and victory by making use of the overwhelming force. Similarly, the business warfare is aimed at winning customers and the markets with limited resources in most cases. But the great news is that we have readily available today, the strategies and techniques for achieving success at every level of business and every activity of life than there has ever been. The purpose of this article is to awaken our curiosity or remind us of the opportunities and the challenges of the present time and the digital economy.


What We Need to Realize as Entrepreneurs

We must bear in mind the kind of war we are engaged in. We must understand what the driving forces are, and we need to understand the power of the opposing forces. Armed with this knowledge, will enable us to be better equipped mentally, physically, psychologically and even financially. As business professionals, some of our challenges to make progress is that we must strategize for how to provide better, faster, and cheaper products/services that provides satisfactory value to our customers.  Because, they are equally trying to please, or lure those same customers with their products. According to some findings, the present marketing competition is so fierce.



Another secret I learned is,  in my curiosity to know how I can make progress in my business, I have learned that many of the most brilliant minds and the most talented people who have ever lived are thinking and working non-stop, Business experts like the Mark Cubans of the world and Tony Robbins, and many more,  they still work day and night to find ways to gain more customers, with new and better products and services why because business is competition. This race to financial/time freedom, as I see it is on. It is like the race to the white house. It is no exaggeration to say that only those who can learn and apply the very best ideas and methods faster than their competitors will survive this warfare. I will be writing more articles on this ...



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