Shoulder and Neck Exercises: Simple Exercises for the busy hard worker.

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You stare at the clock. You've had a long day. "Is it over yet? Uggghhh! Just get me out of here! My neck, my back! Owww!!!"

If you're like me, I am sure you feel like this at the end of a work day. Even mid day! My job as a physical therapist keeps me on my feet almost all day. I clocked in on a pedometer how many miles I completed in one work day at one time: 9 miles. This is no joke!

Some of you might have an easier time being at a desk all day in staring at your monitor. However, without giving yourself a break in between, you feel like you have a 100 pound load on your back, not to mention, numbness and tingling on your legs with prolonged sitting.

As in my previous blog, I shared a few tips to help your busy work day. Here, also due to some of my patient's request on tips on simple exercises to help them get through their day, I created a video (my first attempt ever, hah!) of a very simple routine. I do get tired of making match sticks drawings that even I could not decipher! I now have a deep and profound respect for people on You Tube who create these awesome videos and they make it look so simple!

Well, after one sleepless night of researching and trying hard to make one, here it is. No fancy system, just plain Windows Movie Maker or whatever-you-may-call-it.

Allow me to share this with you:

I have recommended this routine to patients I work with, from those who are too busy to do exercises, to the ones who do not want to do exercises at all!

This sequence is made easy to ensure that you are able to move muscles and joints who interact directly with your neck and shoulders. Patients who come to me complain of necks so stiff, they can hardly look back while driving, cramping that is present oftentimes causing severe and intense headaches.

For the neck to be relaxed, posture is very important. Any deviation away from your center of gravity of your spine either forward, or backward, will create extra strain on your neck muscles and tendons.

Imagine these little structures having to hold the weight of your head reportedly estimated at 10 to 11 pounds (4.5 to 5 kgs.). Imagine these things below that your neck muscles have to hold and support in 8 work hours:

Imagine a 10 pound baby, a sack of potatoes, a laundry basket, a small microwave oven, medium sized bowling ball, a large watermelon, a holiday ham or turkey! This is according to one of the blogs of the University of Michigan Health System organization.

Good posture and good spine alignment is a must, for the body to tolerate and endure a work day. These exercises on this video allow movement of the shoulder joint, the shoulder blade and the rest of the muscles supporting the neck to have freedom of movement and keep to keep them loose.

It is when your muscles tense up from excessive effort or load, that they begin to revert into a guarding, protective mode. Then this is why you get muscle spasms and cramping which also tend to crowd your neck bones and restrict blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

Heaven knows we need our brain's full function to be alert at work and have good reflexes! Good circulation also allows us to have a less stressful day and be able to come home to our loved ones with much energy left to have quality family time, and not be the cranky trainwreck that your day's work has created.

So, take care of your neck and your body in general. You are your own best health advocate.

As always, thank you and it is a joy to be able to share with you!



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