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Daniel is raised to high office by his rayal master king  Darius the made. And Daniel rivals trick the king into issuing a decree that for 40 days no prayers should be addressed to any god or man, but king Darius god only,and who break this low will be thrown to the lions.

this scripture is in Daniel 6,the point i want to make is that, the Bible tells us how this king loves Daniel and when he was issuing the decree he did not know that they were doing that all becouse of Daniel.  when the king  was told Daniel did not follow his order and therefore they have to throw him into the lions den,

  the king himslef couldn't stop them, all becouse onece anything is writtng down at that time it has to come to pass. so all the king could do is to let the God of Daniel handle the issue and we all  know He will derfinetly be the winner and He did. 

My dear,  what l want to drow your attention to,  is, if becouse once its wrriting by the king it has to came to pass, then God Almighty has writting down things about you in His ward and is will absolutely came to pass in all life.

All you have to do is, open His ward and remind Him of the things He has writting down for you and your family. and He will prove Himself strong in your lives, IN JESUS NAME. 


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