You are good enough

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At a recent professional training conference, I had the pleasure to hear Amanda Gore speak.

She started her keynote address with the two things that hold men and woman back:

1.       No one loves me

2.       I am not good enough


These two statements have at their core self-confidence and impact in some form overall man and woman. Frequently they produce fear anger and frustration which hold people back from their true destiny. I know that I am good enough for myself and that I am loved and manifest these traits openly. This enables me to reach out of my comfort zone and do things that I never thought possible. “I believe, I can and I will” as a mantra is a good start to overcoming those two items which hold us all back! Exhibiting feelings of joy and happiness in everyday activities support that self-confidence as well as mastering new skills! I have found that it does not matter what others opinion is as only those who are supportive of my will are those that deserve my attentions!

I know that when I believe and work hard to support and nurture that belief, that I will experience joy and happiness. Success is then only a matter of time and effort!


Lets us look at the fundamental components of love. Compassion, generosity, kindness, gratitude, thankfulness, trust and loyalty. Exhibiting those traits with a feeling for yourself means that you are showing that self-love that you seek. It also means that you are good enough to take on the most demanding project!


Let go of anger and frustration by learning to accept the opinions of other just as that…. An opinion!

After all, how would we have the diversity that creates innovation without the opinion! Just remember to take on projects and relationships with those whom will support your goals and happiness.


Who are you aligning yourself with and are they compatible with your goals?

On our website under our services, we have a personal goal setting questionnaire. Get yourself and those whom you are aligning yourself to complete it….

See where your goals lie!

Andrew Elphick

One-Half of the Anywhere Business Network