You are not failing enough!

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We have all been hit by one of life’s sledge hammers at some point of our lives and all that happens is we recover, pick ourselves up and carry on living. This is the inevitable dynamic of life. No matter what, the world carries on living, it never stops. However, I propose to you the following the following mindset you are not failing enough, allow me to rephrase the sentence… You are not… Experiencing enough.

First, we must get something clear between you and me, failure is a pre-requisite for success. If I was you I would read that again! You did? Good. So, to become successful in any areas of our lives, let it be sport, music, your business, relationships and even spirituality, we must fail a lot of times before achieving the wanted results. This does not mean you will fail on purpose, you won’t learn anything new that way, this means that you will prepare to the best of your ability, you will behave, think and act like success is bound to happen but you simply understand the requisites of success. For example, I am a high performance tennis player and playing national tournaments is a necessary component for my development as a player on the tennis court, because the only way of knowing truly how good a player really is, it’s when the individual is confronted with difficult challenges; here is the catch, some will rise up to the challenge and win, some will rise up but lose and others will run away from adversity, Let me ask you which player do you think will learn and develop from his/hers experience the most? (keep hold of your answer we will go back to this at the end). You must condition yourself to always rise until it becomes habitual, this is what no one ever told you, the problem with not facing adversity and fears is not that they will come and hunt you, or you will live as a coward for the rest of your live (this is true however!). Is that you are conditioning yourself to always run from challenges, this means that you will behave in this manner automatically, your subconscious will always trigger the response that has been triggered before, if this sounds a bit like you, is no big deal, because changing it its easy, all you have got to do is condition yourself to always face your challenges and eventually with some practice and time this will become normal, no more butterflies In your stomach, no more fear, just rising up to the occasion and succeeding.

My father once said to me on the tennis court, that those players that seem unbeatable, the best players in the world, all have one thing in common to the worst and most beatable players in the world. They have all failed, they have all hit the net, the have all double faulted, the have all missed easy shots and they have all been losers. Then my dad said to me but the ones at the top Efrain have failed more times than the ones at the bottom have even tried.  So, I dare you to try more, mastery only comes through hard work, believe, persistence and resistance to failure. This is the reason most people fail at their dreams and aspirations, they aren’t doing anything wrong and that’s their problem, the simply don’t fail enough.

Going back to the question the player that will develop and learn the most from his experience is not the one that wins when he rose to the challenge, but that one that rose and lost. This individual shouldn’t be angry nor sad for the loss but motivated to work harder and then try and again for the sole reason that he/she confronted the adversity head on! This is an achievement on its own, to become more successful than you are now, you must become better than who you are now, condition yourself for the best and reward yourself when small victories occur.

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Efrain Herrera

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