You are sleep walking, Wake up!

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We all love to dream, and dreams are very inspirational and life-changing. Some of the thought fathers received their results in the dreams they had overnight or daytime visions.

However, it's not right to live life in a sleeping state. I know for some of you this may even be read but not make an impact on the way you think because you are asleep. You may be wondering how this could be possible, it's fine I can explain why you are sleeping.

Here is a snippet on how the human brain works. For those of us who are not doctors or science geeks, I will explain it in simple terms. The human brain is the best computer you can ever think of, furthermore, it's the best automation machine you can ever fathom.

What you put in this machine it learns through logical means, and after multiple processes of repetition, the brain no longer has to think so much about this process that it has learned. It becomes second nature to you. You learned how to ride a bicycle once.

The time you learned how to ride a bike, you were fully engaged. You were in the moment. So alert because you had never done something like this before. All the time the brain makes automation possible. Any time you went on the bike you learned something new. You learned balance, you learned to focus and others.

After a while, you can even ride a bike with your eyes closed! What happened? 

You no longer need to think so much to do this action, you are living off your past muscle memories. You are automated, you don't need all your brain to make this happen. You can ride a bike while thinking about your next quiz. You are 90% asleep.

Okay now if we extrapolate this all over your life you will soon see a pattern. You wake up in the morning, punch the alarm clock that you hate so much. You do your morning routine before you get out of bed, for some of us it's turning around several times before we remember our commitments.

You walk out of bed with your eyes closed, to the bathroom. You then clean up when you are half asleep because you don't need to see to take a bath or think much to brush your teeth. You then find your coffee ready because you left it there to brew overnight.

You get to put the coffee in your mug, head to the car. You can drive automatically too. Go through traffic using the same route, park in the same sport. Go to your office, do the same tasks all day and at the end of the day go back home and do your after-work routine and then sleep


It is an amazing cycle we are mostly living in. We have lost our awareness because of repetition. We are so used to the kind of life we have been living to the extent that we are living in the past. Yes, we are. All the things that we need to make choices upon are based on past experiences.

The other amazing thing is that we hope that we change our lives whilst living this kind of way and this is not possible. If you think I am being too much you try waking up and doing things differently. For example.

Try brushing with your alternate hand, you will realize how in the moment you have to be to do that. Try spinning your arm one direction and another the opposite. Its possible but once you learn it you can do it without a thought. It becomes handwritten on your hard drive in memory.

The disadvantages of living like this include:

  1. Little or no progress: there won't be much change in your life when you are not aware of every thought that is moving through your system. You have to be in the moment.
  2. Frustration: you experience frustration because you have crammed the outcome of those choices you have been making. This makes it hard for you to make new ones because you are thinking the same way. You have to change the way you think.
  3. Loss of confidence: you think you have tried it all and you have failed many times. Well, you haven't tried it all. Loss of confidence in this system is inevitable because the results are predictable.
  4. Miss your potential: the definition of potential is those things you are yet to achieve. If you are stuck in a simplistic mentality it's easy for you to miss your potential.

Now that we have seen the results of such, how do we get out of this kind of thinking and be better at achieving the goals we have set for ourselves?

  1. Admit that you may be living like this: admitting to yourself that this could be the way you are living will make it possible for you to change your thoughts when those particular feelings come up.
  2. Monitor your thoughts: to be in the moment means you are watchful like a prefect on the thoughts that go through your mind. You have to choose which thoughts are processed and which are left out and this way you break the old habits.
  3. Learn new ways of thinking: the brain is an empty library. In order to live wisely, you need to fill it with books. Your brain uses already available information to make decisions. If you don't know the necessary information then you are in trouble. Reading is good for you.
  4. Practice what you learn: in order to have new experiences you need new thoughts which in turn create new feelings. Not repeating these may cause you to easily forget what you learned. Repetition is the way neurons are made in the brain. Less repetition easy to forget.
  5. Get mentors: people who think alike are a great help when it comes to learning new habits.

I am part of a great community of visionaries who are working towards making their own financial freedom. You can be one of them as a way to learn new skills and fulfill your potential.

Thank you for reading. 


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