Christian Liebich

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After working as a programmer by beginning of 2000, I started to dedicate my work to culture and filming in 2004, entered the financial markets in 2005 to 2008 as a GL Mgmt. Support. I produced 2 documentaries on my own which was a journey of 12 years.
Finishing my last production steps, to have a product running and to be able to sell was a big challenge I just finished some weeks ago.
When I left the programming in 2004, too many things just still didn't work. It took me since 2011 to master Computers again and being ready to step into the current digital life.
Working for a small IT Service provider from 2011 pushed me into independence and I am doing good money on it and could do more. There is just no leverage.
I am here, looking for strategies to apply to my sales process and found a greatly done product! I am running a Youtube channel since 2008 and have a great mass of interesting content to share.
I was holding back the material because of delay in finishing THE BLACK ROOTS OF SALSA partly for technical reason of digital evolution.
I am looking for a solution just to be able to drive forward projects, that I am living with passion.
So I am real passionate about this project of Stuart and Jay as well, because they just did what was necessary.
Thank you!