#metoo Important for our society

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How has that affected your life? Have you thought about it? Or have you bad experiences from abuse? Or do you think that this isn´t a problem? 
The emotions and reactions about this can be on a long scale. 

I live in Sweden, which is supposed to be a very equal country. I work in a strong manly business, and I was in a small "bubble" where I thought that sexual (and other forms) abuse at work did´t exist. Or at least nearly didn´t exist. 

With all the different #metoo stories, made by women in all ages, my little bubble broke. I was SO WRONG! And I really feel a lot of emotions. Im sad, angry, devistated, anxious, miserable. 
What is wrong with our world? How can we work against bullying in schools, when adults can´t behave at work or anywhere in society! 

Some men now reasons; Can´t we flirt now? Or; Now we can´t talk to women anylonger. 

Well, if you don´t know the difference between flirt and sexual assaults, then don´t flirt! 

And you can talk to women, and if you are uncertain, just pretend it is a man. Should you tell a man, that you want to f-k him? Probably not. 

And if you have a daughter, think like this. Would it be okey, if a man told her "this or that", or should I be angry? That could maybe help you. 

I think that it is important that we talk about this, look at our own behaviour, think about which life we want for our daughters and sons. We are unable to solve a problem, if we don´t see it as a problem. And I know that different countries looks at this in different ways. Some countries or cultures sees the woman as the lowest on the ladder. They have longer to walk towards equality. Other countries or cultures have not that far to go. But in my opinion, we all have to start walk, we all have something to do, and work with. 

And, to see a person as a equal human, isn´t just a man/woman thing. Its also other people; the cleaner, the bullied pupil, the neighbour, or anyone that you meet! Treat all well! 

I hope, that the discussion is alive in all countries! But I´m not certain, so let us keep it alive, and work for humanity and equality! 

Love, from Sweden

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