2 things you do to making things happen so you can start achieving

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Have you ever given up on dreams? Do you day dream about things you would like to do but never seem to get round to doing? Here are 2 things you can do to make things happen so you can start achieving:

1. Have no excuses

Blaming is draining. Complaining is draining. Explaining is draining. People say, I don’t have enough time. I get that. For instance, I don’t have enough time to become a professional astronaut. But even that excuse, which two seconds ago, I thought was a truism, is false. One day Virgin Galactic and SpaceX will send tourists into space for cheap. So, one day I’ll be an astronaut. I have enough time again. No excuses.

2. Write down ten ideas a day

Writing down 10 ideas a day. Don’t limit yourself with self-talk about the “how”. The law of attraction teaches us to ask for what we want and let the universe work out the “how”. When you get stuck on the “how” negativity comes up and you can’t see how it will happen. Instead, focus on the generation of ideas that make you happy and see yourself achieving them. Generate ideas worth pursuing. Try it for six months and you will see.

Kerri Bainbridge

half of the Anywhere Business Team NZ

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