3 Twitter Tips for To Grow Your Followers Fast

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3 Twitter Tips for To Grow Your Followers Fast

The main thing to keep in mind when using Twitter is that it's a place for networking "ideas" as opposed to Facebook which is set up as a place for networking "people".

For a small business, Twitter can really enhance your brand identity (what you stand for) and encourage interested readers to visit your website, blog, or offer.

Interacting frequently with your audience via Twitter is a great way to share thoughts and ideas instantly. It enables you to see what matters to your audience, build a rapport with your followers and build your online reputation.

I'm sure you've already figured out that using Twitter effectively isn't as easy as sending out the odd tweet every now and again. So in this post, I’d like to share three Twitter tips that helped me get more out of Twitter.

1. Get Organised With Twitter Friendly Scheduling Tools

Sometimes it can feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with social media. And trust me when I tell you... there aren’t. But using a social media management tool will help you to plan, manage and schedule not only your twitter posts but a variety social media posts.

When it comes to sharing curated content I like Buffer. What I love about this tool is that by installing the chrome desktop app and/or iPhone app I can easily share anything I want while browsing online. Buffer gives me the option to either share it straight away or schedule it to be shared at a later time.

And best of all the free version of Buffer allows you to share ten posts per month from up to three of your social media accounts with full analytics to let me know what kind of content my followers are enjoying the most!

But, if your business creates blog content and pushes posts out through your socials then you'll probably want something a little more robust. When I discovered Blog2Social I couldn't believe what I'd stumbled across! Blog2Social is a plugin that allows me to select any of my posts from within the WordPress dashboard to customize and schedule to a specific time or to a recurring loop.

I was really impressed with the selection of social accounts I could link twitter, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google+. But here's where it gets really powerful because Blog2Social will also allow you to post your post straight to other blogging platforms like Reddit, bloglovin, Tumblr, Medium & Flickr!

Here's how Blog2Social works!

So, If you're blogging and sharing your posts on a variety of social media platforms then this is where choosing the right social media management tool can shave days of manual labor from your month!

2. Engaging Your Audience

Firing off sales tweets every twenty minutes is more likely to get you blocked than retweeted. The real benefit of Twitter for business is that it gives you an insight into the values your customers hold dear. Start by watching the kind of conversations your followers are involved in. You can 'favorite' or retweet posts that stand out for you, chip into the conversation or simply use it to gain a deeper understanding of your fans and inspire your content.

Most of all, make your posts engaging! Get to know your audience, use humor, videos, GIFs, and even polls to boost engagement. As a rule of thumb, try to make no more than 1 in 4 posts marketing-based so you don't bore your audience. For specific Tweet ideas check out this post.  

3. Analyse Your Performance

If I asked you how well you are doing on Twitter would you be able to answer? You might say ‘good’ or ‘not so good’, but how do you define that in terms of reach and influence? That’s where analytical tools come in. A handy starting point is Twitter’s own analytics dashboard, where you can view stats such as your top tweet of the month and its impressions.

But what about knowing which followers are more engaged, who followed you and who unfollowed you? You also want to know how you compare against the competition. For this, you’ll need a tool like ManageFlitter, A management platform that focuses solely on Twitter.

ManageFlitter helps you manage multiple Twitter accounts, track link follows, find like-minded people to follow en masse and also track who has unfollowed you and help you clean your account of followers. One of the features I love about ManageFlitter is that it allows you to schedule your tweets ahead of time and also suggests the best times of the day to post based on your followers.

Matt Johnson Offer The Best Review on ManageFlitter in under 3 Minutes!

Embracing Twitter in your small business' marketing strategy can pay off, but like all things, it takes a bit of planning in the beginning to reap the rewards.

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