Breakthrough your Success blockers

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Are you ready for a mindset shift to fuel your Dreams? Do you ever wonder why you have done all the work yet you're not seeing results? You create a vision board, you take action daily, you do the 5 things leaders do, you keep engaging, you reach for help, and still you see no results. You ask yourself Why?  Well, you have come to the right place to find some answers to these questions. It is a simple concept and entirely resolvable to finally clear the way for you to reach the abundance you deserve. Everything in life takes time and practice. Stay after it and you will get there.

Replacing unwanted long ingrained beliefs for positive new ones will give you a big jump on getting out of your own way. An energy house cleaning so to speak.

As the story goes, you are a product of the path you have lived.  In the beginning, you were born pure at heart and "had an open mind to everything and attached to nothing" (Tilopa).  Along with your trail, you became conditioned and picked up a belief system that you hold very deeply. Sometimes so profoundly that you are unaware that these beliefs are directing your thoughts>feelings>decisions>actions>results. 

The impact of belief systems instilled: The influences along your path (Mom, Dad, siblings, teachers, coaches, neighbors, spouses, and the list goes on and on) have given you information that you bought into and stored as unconscious beliefs. These are not always problematic. They can also be positive attributes. The problem arises when the limiting beliefs hold you back from the abundance you deserve. The solution is to clear these abundance/energy blockers. This allows you to recognize opportunities that come your way and for you to enable abundance. Most importantly to know that you can make adjustments if you find yourself at a point of resistance or hitting a wall towards accomplishing your goals. 

An example, I have personally experienced and recognized as an energy block, was when I was about 11 years old. I remember an intense conversation towards me from my step-father as he determined I was not a worthy human being or deserving of goodness. It left a great impact on me. I struggled through life discrediting myself in so many ways and wondering why? I now know why. I have carried this false belief within me for so many years unknowingly. It is like carrying old baggage around that was leading me in harmful ways. Once I cleared it, I replaced it with Joy and confidence to spread to the world. Clearing energy blocks are so crucial to living a life of fulfillment and joy! 

Solution: Clear the unwanted root belief/energy block to breakthrough to Success!

Here's how:

1)Enter the Meditating state to clear these energy blocks. 

During meditation here are some guided steps for seeking out the held beliefs and clearing them.

a) Sit in a quiet place relaxed and breathe deeply for a few breaths, 

b) Picture a bright light way above you that comes down and enters the top of your head your crown

Connect to the abundance frequency-Ask it to clear the different areas as you bring the light through your body. 

Crown-clearing all thoughts of lack and limit

Eye-clear everywhere you see problems or debt

Ears-cleansing away where you block the guided answers and the truth from showing up

Throat/your voice-cleansing away everywhere speaking of your new future to come into your life

Heart-Everywhere you have lost commitment or compassion in life; where you stopped having hope

Solar plexus-Cleansing away you everywhere your block life from flowing from Love vs. Fear

Stomach- Cleansing everywhere where you block your life and feel powerless over your life and circumstances, where you gave up and quit going for it

Hips-cleansing everywhere you gave up the go for it attitude

Feet-Grounding you to this new you that's totally you completely inspiring hopeful abundant 

Go down into the earth where you feel this motherly love nurturing loving support safe and secure. 

Then like traveling back up an elevator let the warmth of the light safe and secure feeling find it's way back to the heart. Once at the heart expand the energy out surrounding you as far as you feel comfortable.

2)Seek out the areas that feel dense/heavy and breathe the light deeply into the area while saying these words:

I release this energy through time, space, dimension and reality. Say this until the area becomes lighter. Continue to seek out areas that feel dense and repeat those words of the clearing. Where the denseness is felt is where they are hiding. Where and when you picked them up along your life and from whom is a question to ask yourself.

All the above meditation words paraphrased and credited to Christie Marie Sheldon in Mind Valley

3)Fill the areas with Positive beliefs. Money is just energy, I am worthy of abundance, I feel free to go for my dreams, I know I will have the time and financial freedom to live life on my terms, I am abundant, I am Free, I am Joyous!

Like any exercise with practice, you will see results. If you need further guidance please reach out to me or

 visit Mind Valley and let Christie Marie Sheldon help you further.

Being Wealthy, Confident, and Joyous is okay. Money is just an effect of your belief programs. Your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs are how you make your decisions. There are energy blocks due to these ingrained patterns of beliefs. Becoming aware of this and clearing blocks is the key to healing and success. 

Money is just an energy that you can use for good things. People that have money have just mastered what it takes to set good intentions and have cleared these underlying energy blocks. Meditation is a practice you can use to clear these beliefs. It can be as simple as that. Adopt the attitude the wise Tilopa expressed and you will free your soul to abundance "Be open-minded to everything and attach to nothing". 

Always dedicated to your success,


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