Collective consciousness

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It all started over 10 years ago with one single spiritual book,, Power of subconscious mind '' 

Growing up as a Christian in the Christian country I knew nothing about spirituality or other religions. Without studying the subject most of the beliefs are passed through the generations. When I think about it now I know we do absorb beliefs from the people who are around us, usually is 10 closest people around. As a youth, I was to busy with my life and to fullish to even question beliefs of previous generations. Don't get me wrong until know I do believe in the bible the difference is I have been studying clever books for over the decade. Yes, I call them clever with ancient wisdom. Long ago I have stopped calling them holly not because of disrespect but because of my believes. All those books were written by man, not God like many religious people are saying. Through the years of reading and absorbing the information from people who spent entire lives to translate ancient information, people who can read old Latin and Hebrew and many other old languages lost through millenniums. The main reason I call myself spiritual not religious past few years is I call it,, Organised Religion'' majority of them through thousand years claim they are one and only causing more and more separation instead teaching of love and compassion. Majority of those called holy books are teaching us exactly love and compassion however people pick and choose the opposite. Most of the teachers in a different time in our history time and time again were spreading messages of love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. The messages were clear and none of the messenger or I call them the teachers of wisdom tried to build any of the religions. If you think about it Jesus wasn't Christian Mohamad wasn't Muslim Budha wasn't Buddhist the were teachers spreading the same old message of pure Love. Organized religion caused more harm than good through the millenniums. Generation by generation of humanity believed in anything without even question it. I always say God gives us a brain to use it not just to fallow the others like a ship. I was over 21 years old when I left my home country. Before I have discovered and implemented spirituality a few years I could watch and live among people of different religions and backgrounds. The United Kingdom is home to many different religions and beliefs which is amazing this is the proof people can live together in peace if they really want. There is tension from time to time but what I have noticed most of the time is caused by people in power and media. sometimes look like people in power want us to turn against each other. It is just my observation.

Back to spirituality over 10 years ago when someone left that book in my car until now I don't know who and how. when I found it I have read it in a couple of days. After that, I have bought another couple of books of this same author. I was so amazed I have started to search for information from many different authors. Years went by and interned started to play a big role in our lives. I have started to subscribed youtube channel about science and spirituality and notice how both are going head to head. They say when a student is ready teachers appear. I hope this is just the beginning of spiritual awaking past few years I have noticed more and more people are open-minded they start to live in awaken world. Let's hope one day people will live in harmony will stop believing in God as an old man in heaven with a long beard who punishes us for all sins because we are not worthy and we will start to believe in God, Devine, Univers, however, you want to call it as a form of energy pure LOVE ENERGY where we can tap into it as a one consciousness !                             

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