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In New Zealand, a fair proportion of its people call themselves Kiwis.


The Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand, It is threatened by introduced predators namely stoats, weasels,  and rats. Like all New Zealander's I am concerned that it is being threatened. In my own community,  I have been supporting the Paparoa Wildlife Trust who are involved with the eradication of those predators from 8000 hectares close to where I live. The trust has some amazing workers who devote their time and energy to this endeavor.

Predator numbers have come down and as a spin off native kea (pictured as the featured image) and other bird life have also started to repopulate the area. The trust is always looking for support

It is important that the digital revolution that all organizations benefit from the new mediums available to get their message out. While there are all sorts of motivations operating a small business from home let us also be part of our communities and help spread their messages.

Amazing work that is being conducted by them in respect of where we live is important to every one of us.

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