Design your digital presence for the mobile

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undefined  Design you digital presence for the mobile


It's official - more people are using mobile devices

Latest official Internet Access data released last week in the UK confirms more people are searching, buying and decision making using their mobile and smartphones. 

This means they are searching for financial freedom, ways to make extra income and working from home opportunities while they are waiting for the train, travelling on the bus or walking to the office.  eport shows you must design your digital presence if you want to more people are looking for information while on the move.

Nearly 8 out of 10 adults access the internet "on the go"

No surprises that the most common device used to access the internet "on the go" was a mobile or smartphone at 72%. This is a rise of 19% from 53% since 2013. Other mobile devices were far less popular accessing the internet "on the go" were tablets at 27% compared with 23% using laptops.  


Here's why adults access internet "on to go"

Picture the scene: Someone's stood waiting for the 6am train on a raining, windy Monday morning at the start of their 3 hour commute, they decide on that journey they've had enough of the rat race and turn to their smartphone for a solution. They come across your great advert on Google and click on it ready to be informed about what you offer.

Unfortunately their smartphone shows them content that doesn't flow, fragmented by the width of their screen with different sized images. 3 seconds later and they're back to Google to look elsewhere.


Design your digital presence for the mobile first

It wouldn't have escaped you that mobiles and smartphones are almost the defacto internet access device. People are busy, people are impatient, people are smart. 
If they don't find what they are looking for within 3 seconds they bounce and visit someone else's site. Someone else's opportunity. Someone else's business.

Good web page services will have a mobile option that will automatically optimise your site for smartphones. Good web page services will also have Accelarated Mobile Pages (AMP) project which is an open source initiative to develop consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing sites across devices and distribution platforms.

Take a look at my site on your desktop and your smartphone to see how simple it is to achieve.  

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To your success! 



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