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It is Day 2 (Saturday) of the Landmark Forum and I am sitting in the inquiry of what it is to be human. Section III states that “to distinguish something means to take something from an undifferentiated background and bring it to the foreground”. OK, well we all have a past and yes this happened and that happened.....what did I make it mean about that happening?! Oooh that’s interesting, I became ‘unlovable’ aged 1 and ½ years old when my brother was born and put in my cot for the first time! Read more here.

The Past, the Present, the Future

It is Day 3 (Sunday) of the Landmark Forum and the inquiry has now moved to the pervasive influence of the past. With pervasive meaning being present or noticeable in every part of a thing or place, I was stuck by my 30 years of PAST. So every moment that I could recall ,that shaped me, was all due to what happened in my past.


My most vivid memory (past) concerned my old girlfriend Kathy. We had been together for 4 years until one day she asked me when I was going to grow up, (I was 28!)? I was not amused so we split up. She moved out and then I suddenly had regrets and asked her back. Too late, she slept with my best friend and that was that. However, I so remember being very depressed for 6 months and saying to myself: “I will never have my heart broken like that again and phew, lucky we weren’t married; divorces must be so terrible!”


WHOA! This inquiry gave me a whole new PRESENT and FUTURE, as I saw how this thought really impacted how I operated around girls with such as strong thought (past) of how I will never have my heart broken again. Consequently, all my girlfriends (after Kathy) never stood a chance. WOW!


Now that I had distinguished all these relationships were doomed or flawed, it really gave me a sense of what was possible and the possibility of new relationships, free from the past. Instead of going into a relationship asking myself “I wonder how long this one is going to last for....?”, I have now taken on being 100 per cent responsible for the relationship (something so profound and which is so well gotten in the Landmark Forum for Young People...they get “it” so much faster!). If I am upset with my partner, (in any way), I look to see who I am being and the source of my upset. My partner, therefore, has nothing to worry about as I look to see if it was a thwarted intention, an unfulfilled expectation or an undelivered communication or a combination of these three! The future for us is looking so bright!


Day 3 again (Sunday) of the Landmark Forum. When the inquiry starts with “Empty and Meaningless” ( see past blog here ), it really gave everyone in the room, an opportunity to dwell in the space of a blank canvas. This education is one way of clearly putting the past in the past (where it belongs) and standing for a future that touches moves and inspires me. Consequently, I am standing for causing World Peace by 15 September 2020, however that may look! PASS IT ON or as 12-year-old Lucy WISHED on Sunday 15 September 2019, WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF!

What past occurrence happened to you, that you know; still influences how you operate today?



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