Do You Care What Others Think Of You?

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Earlier this year I left my job of ten years... I’m still in contact with some of my colleagues and one of them told me that my successor said: “Isabella is currently unemployed because she posted a picture of having breakfast during the week, down by the lake.” When my ex-colleague told me that, I got really upset! But the question is why? It’s not like I have contact with that person, nor does the opinion mean anything, but something deep inside of me was very hurt!

While it is true that I don’t receive a steady paycheck, I’m not unemployed, I’m an entrepreneur! I’m working for myself! I’m creating something bigger than just a job! With all of that said, why does it still upset me?

And then I figured it out!

My self-believe is growing to be stronger however, I’m not yet a master in brushing off comments from others that question my capabilities. I’m in a delicate phase right now and even comments from a person I barely know makes me worried...

On the other hand, I think it’s also a good experience. Now I can practice right away to be patient with myself and stop caring about what others say about me! Every circumstance can also have a positive effect and I think that this situation is teaching me a valuable lesson. Just by writing it down, I feel already lighter and more positive about the gossip that’s going around!