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Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. From a context (read more here) of the world of transformation, it certainly can used to distinguish whether one is operating with integrity where energy is abundant.

In my first Self Expression and Leadership Program (read more here), I invented a future:

“Love expressed through Leadership, Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm”

It took 3 months for me, to transform myself into this future, using an invented community project as the methodology. What my coach helped me discover was that whenever I was ‘flat’ and ‘uninspired’ , I could consider that my ever-pervasive past was present!:)

A lack of energy can be due to all sorts of reasons. Through all my training and development with Landmark Worldwide, it was often evident that if one lacked power, one’s integrity ‘was out’! Throughout my first Introduction Leaders Program, one practice was to complete a weekly ‘Integrity check list’ (read story here) working on ‘cleaning up’ my integrity.

I remember on my second weekend of the course, the exercise was to recreate some poems we had learned over the weeks. The invitation was to perform the poems “10 times more excited”.

I got in front of my peers and did one poem! Cheers and well done came from the participants.

However, the program leader Francis Foster asked:

Charlie, what was that?”

Charlie: “That was 10 times more excited!”

Francis: “No it wasn’t, are you out of integrity anywhere in your life right now?

Charlie, after some false claims, revealed his integrity ‘was out’ with the dole office, having done a ‘cash job’ and not declaring it the week before.

Francis: “Ok, do the poem again!”

I received a standing ovation from the participants, and it showed a MARKED INCREASE in my ENERGY levels for the poem.



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