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Many of you know I am participating in my second consecutive Wisdom Unlimited course run by Landmark Worldwide down here in Australia. During the course, 36 words/phrases were shared, where we could choose any one of them and take on as an initiative over the months of the course to inquire; Existence is one such word.

Looking from my life and where existence has shown up in a transformative way, I can see that that firstly I had to look at how I automatically operated so I was ‘unlovable’ (see more here) and a ‘failure’ (see more here). Looking back, I saw I had ‘existence’ structures that held those thoughts ‘as the truth’ for me.


One existence structure was located in my thoughts. I so clearly remember my ‘reactions’ whenever Cathy, my girlfriend for over 4 years (I was aged 25 – 29 years old), said ‘I love you!” My immediate thought each time was to say to myself:

  • ·       ‘How can you love me?”’
  • ·       “I don’t believe you!”
  • ·       “You hate it when I kiss other girls and you hate it when I get drunk!” 

These automatic existence thoughts reinforced my thought that Cathy could never really love me, (I completed with Cathy in my Landmark Forum apologising for being a ‘righteous jerk’ in our relationship.


Several existence structures for me “being a failure” was revealed when I participated in the Communication Course: Access to Power,(read more here) learning I had several existence structures that ‘displayed me as a failure’.

Existence: Structures that Support

What has opened up for me, in this Wisdom Unlimited Course between weekend 4 and 5, is my inquiry into the stages of development or existence of futures. At any one time, I can look at whatever project I am working on, and look for existence structures that support the stage my project is operating in.

Indeed one can make a whole list of ways of looking at what support structures can help you move one stage of development to another.

  • ·       Phone calls
  • ·       Emails
  • ·       Websites
  • ·       Diaries
  • ·       Displays
  • ·       Team Members
  • ·       Conversations
  • ·       Stand
  • ·       Tools and Practices

 These are all ways to look at one’s project and see where actions taken with any one of these; and much more, can move the project to the next stage of development.

 Having taken World Peace By 2020, as one project I want to work on, in this Wisdom Unlimited program, I do indeed love existence structures to support my stand and promote the project (see wp2020.com and QueensPeace.com).

What Existence Structures Empower You?


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