Facebook, the concept of friendship: How to set up your personal profile online for business

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If you are reading you are probably thinking, that is also a thing? Learning how to set up your profile?

Yeah, it is a thing in fact. Let's take an example of when you receive a friend request on Facebook let us see if you will accept the friend request after carefully considering the following:

  1. No profile pic: people put all sorts of things on their profiles. Cars, statues etc. I am not saying people don't have a right to put what they want on their profiles. All am saying is if you are thinking like an entrepreneur maybe that right is withdrawn
  2. No about me: it's hard to deal with people who are not willing to come out openly and be real. What are the chances that I am talking to a robot? Who wants that.
  3. No friends what so ever: I mean come on. You are there on a platform with 2 billion people and you don't have friends? what does that tell me?
  4. Poor images: your profile pic is there but I really have to zoom in to see the pixilated photo even when my nose is in my screen. Why? We have the technology!

Hey do not be offended if you are not trying to make money using your Facebook account then this article is not for you. You can as well use your time for other things that are important to you, but if you are looking to make some residual income then you have to know the fundamentals and it is important to do them well.

The models of online businesses are many and one of those is affiliate marketing. This is a model of making business by selling other people's products. I will discuss this further in another article.

If you have interacted with people you know that someone is more likely to buy from you if there is a relationship than when there is nothing that connects you at all. Therefore how you break the ice to move this person from stranger to a friend is the very backbone of your business so you have to have your compound swept because when people come to visit first impressions matter.

There is a lot of material you can find about this topic but it's imperative to know that the concept of friendship that Facebook is trying to promote is the ability to keep friends and families in touch through technology. The relationships are more genuine when your audience can see and relate to you as a human who can speak to their pains and provide solutions.

I just wanted to talk about this in passing because I have experienced some of these interesting pages and I don't think twice before rejecting their friend requests. The reasons may go further than just the picture or friends. I also look at how you interact on facebook because the way algorithm works it may not help me to have many people who do not talk at all.

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