Freedom To Live A Life You Love

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Don't wait until its too late!  As time passes us by we change, we change physically, emotionally, spiritually ... all of these changes come to each one of us.  We are not always able to do the things we could when we were younger and stronger.  Make sure you are grabbing hold of your Freedom To Live A Life You Love!  Don't waste a moment, time goes by whether we do or we don't do the things we love!

What stops you from doing what you truly want to?  Is it fear? Money, or lack thereof? Time? Commitments? What is it that you truly want to do?  Sadly most of us don't ask ourselves this question, or when we do, we don't really listen to the answer.

Time is going to pass anyway, so whether you are doing what you love today or not, the time will go, never to return.  I urge you to live mindfully, don't let the moment go and live with the "would have, could have, should have" regret!  Fear is a great obstacle if we allow it to.  As Tony Robbins says, "Feel the fear and do it anyway"!  The trick or key, in my humble opinion, is this - imagine yourself having done that thing you fear so much.  How do you feel?  Exhilarated?  Breathless? Alive? Yes! That's why you "Feel the fear and do it anyway"!  Take that fear and crush it!  Money, or the lack thereof?  I have proven to myself that if I want something badly enough I will find a way to do it, money or none!  It's about being resourceful, thinking differently, finding a way to push through. Commitments?  Well now, that is a choice.  We choose to commit our lives and time, no-one can force you to keep your commitments.  Am I suggesting that you don't?  Of course not!  What I am suggesting though is that you live mindfully, including in the way you commit your time, your energy, your resources.  Do what you love! 

I have lived long enough to know regret and it's true, you regret the things you don't do far more than those you do!  Be it not attending my best friends 40th birthday because I didn't have the money at the time and was too ashamed to say so.  That wasn't Freedom To Live A Life I Loved!  My pride stood in the way, my fear won.  Who lost?  Me and my bestie.  I hang my head in shame! There are too many things I have not done, too many things that I regret.  This is why I am now embracing the concept of Freedom To Live A Life You Love and pulling out all the stops to reach that point, each and every day.  That's not entirely true, I have good days and those which are not as good, you know the kind, when your get up and go has got up and left?  Yes, those are the days I choose to be kind to myself, sometimes allowing myself the gap and others pushing myself through!

These are not just the ramblings of an aging woman, I have a point with this.  We all have the Freedom To Live a Life You Love and I believe I have found a way.  Is it easy?  No!  Is it free?Absolutely No!  Does it require hard work, commitment, passion and more?  Definitely YES!  Is it hugely rewarding?  ABSOLUTELY!

Tired of the way I have been living for my 53 years on this beautiful planet we call Earth - well, not tired of everything, but definitely tired of not having the Freedom To Live A Life I Love - my search began.  This search has resulted in some very exciting ah ha moments, new challenges, a different way of thinking and being for me.  I found an incredible system, equally incredible mentors and a brand new challenge!

I encourage you to explore the option of having Freedom To Live A Life You Love ... have a squiz through the FREE 7 day video series below.  Take it seriously, think it through mindfully.  There are different ways of being, we have the choice ... this is what I am still learning to do ... don't take my word for it, just have a look through the link below ... 

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