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Generating:  To Bring Into Existence

The following (chronologically written) blogs were “words and phrases” shared with us in Landmark Worldwide’s Wisdom Course which I participated in 2019. The 36 blogs written gave me an excellent insight into what it takes to be an extraordinary human being versus being ordinary, as a fascinating inquiry!

Generating:  To Bring (powerfully) Into Existence

Wow, do I use this often or what? This distinction for me really addressed my childhood conversation “….I don’t wanna!” How often did I identify this ‘thrown’ way of being, especially if I had NO AGREEMENT with what was required at the time?


As with all ‘youthful enthusiasm’, I find it wonderfully exhilarating and exciting to generate myself whenever “I don’t wanna!”. It was an irony, when I put all 36 words in a bowl and picked my first word/phrase to blog , that it was GENERATING! From that blog on, each word/phrase after was EMPOWERED, after I had written the blog AND I was certainly generating; not because “I don’t wanna” but from wow, let’s find out how I can write blogs with these words/phrases that will enhance the readership and education shared!

August 21, 2019

Extraordinary is what I can say about last weekend’s Wisdom Course Downunder” run by my favourite personal development company; Landmark Worldwide. Within the 24 hours (starting Friday afternoon and ending Sunday Evening) , one of my big takeaways until the next weekend on October 11,12,13 is making my INITIATIVE for my life as “BEING GENERATIVE”.

From that, on Monday afternoon straight after the course, Reuben (aged 10) came to my door THRILLED to share his latest escapades at Brunswick Heads Public School, Northern New South Wales, (The current escapade is when he puts his Blue “Year of the Ox” World Peace by 2020 name badge on; see )

Reuben: “Charles I did it!”     

Charles: “What happened?”         

Reuben: “I WORE THE BADGE again today and also the ‘bum bag’ (‘fanny pack’)

(The small bag is filled with 40 colourful laminated “beer mat” size “World Peace by 2020” fliers)

Reuben: “BUT THIS TIME, I didn’t make a song and dance about them.”

Reuben: “I just walked around all day. “

Reuben: “ and no one bullied me!”

Reuben: “Then kids would then come up to me and ask what was in the bag?”

Reuben: “I would take a deep breath ( turn, saying to myself “Bold and Brave”)

Reuben: “and say.......”

Reuben: “These are World Peace by 2020 badges, which colour do you want?

Reuben (PROUDLY): “I got rid of them all!”

MY INSIGHT:I saw from that moment that I had been “BEING GENERATIVE” with Reuben, BEFORE Monday and , as he was sharing, I observed that perhaps it was “THE LISTENING I PROVIDE “ which gives a clearing for GENERATIVE CONVERSATIONS that Produce and Create.

THAT SAID , I Enthusiastically Invite you to


as you read the following list of synonyms for the word,


to see whether you have a


for some of the ways to you can and have GENERATED YOURSELF:

  • cause,
  • give rise to,
  • lead to,
  • result in,
  • bring about,
  • bring into being,
  • create,
  • make,
  • produce,
  • initiate,
  • engender,
  • spawn,
  • sow the seeds of,
  • occasion,
  • effect,
  • originate,
  • bring to pass,
  • bring on,
  • precipitate,
  • prompt,
  • provoke,
  • kindle,
  • trigger,
  • spark off,
  • touch off,
  • stir up,
  • whip up,
  • induce,
  • inspire,
  • promote,
  • foster,
  • conjure
  • CHARLES: “Finally, consider "changes which are likely to generate controversy" so do share if anything has opened up for you, after reading this and know you will have GENERATED AN ANSWER if you answer this question! Thank you and WORLD PEACE BY 2020 to you and your family. Charles Crawshaw


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    Charles Crawshaw: “Personal Development and Learning New Things!”

    Born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, United Kingdom in September 1963, Charles started his personal development in October 1993; by learning something new, through a top training and education company called Landmark Worldwide.

    New skills, new possibilities, new views on life, new ways of being and so much more have all been grown and expanded, with his ongoing participation. There are remarkable and inspiring courses for our young people (8-12-year-olds) and teenagers (13-18) which underline Charles’s passion for sharing this work with younger generations.

    Future based training; breakthrough thinking and digital disruption are all embraced in his blogs, with his recommended courses pointing to many sources; including Landmark Worldwide and online, through Six Figure Mentors.

    Charles thanks you for taking the time to read his blogs and, as taught to him by a 10-year-old boy called Reuben:

    Pass It On! You’re It!

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