GENEROSITY: A Clearing for Transformation 33 of 36

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It is funny whenever I read or hear the words “Generosity”, I think of TIME and MONEY! Where did that come from? Why say these words?

Well, from my experiences in life, I am clear that whenever someone is willing to give their time (or money) to me, I really appreciate their generosity. Given my “happily busy” life, I appreciate whenever someone is willing to spend time with me for a common pursuit or passion. I value time and sure, I generally have financial thoughts that go with time: “Time Is Money” as they say.

Maybe there is more to generosity than just time and money?

Generosity: A willingness to give help or support, especially more than is usual or expected:

Aaah, well this is where I know I love being generous. With a background in sales and marketing, I love anyone who is willing to be an entrepreneur. Sure it takes guts to ‘go out on your own’ and sure, if you have read the E- Myth by Michael Gerber, when you start a business, you need to be:

  • ·       manager,
  • ·       sales person,
  • ·       accountant,
  • ·       technician
  • ·       computer operator

 etc ......plenty of hats indeed. My contribution to my friends and associates is to support them in fulfilling their dream of running a successful business. I will ask them where their target market is located and then I will come up with 5 ideas of gaining customers, through ingenious, creative and articulate methods.

Stingy : Not Generous or Liberal

This word came up in my Landmark Forum back in 1993.

It was an inquiry, after each break that we had each day. What was remarkable, during the whole long weekend (The course starts Friday), is the courage participants took on the breaks. People came back into the room, got on a microphone, and shared amazing stories of the call they just had with........” 

I so remember and I will always love humanity for what’s possible. I remember several of my calls to people I love. I called my Mum and Dad on Saturday afternoon,(see script) and got into a dialogue that I have never had with them. I was authentic and shared from my heart. As a result, a whole new world opened up!

If you read my script, you can see I did open up more than I ever done before with mum and dad and it certainly surprised them. One could consider that I had been ‘GENEROUS” with sharing myself with my parents.

‘BEING STINGY’ is the complete opposite and hey, after even having the COURAGE to take on any one of the following:

  • ·       Getting complete with someone
  • ·       Getting back into communication with someone
  • ·       Getting into the world of the other person
  • ·       Getting how you listen through filters (already always listening)  that can perhaps hinder what is being said

..etc, it is NO SURPRISE one’s first attempt with ‘the communication’ can occur as ‘stingy’, simply because one is confronted by a new communication that requires the ‘sharing’ of oneself. Authenticity is definitely one access to disappear ‘being stingy’, as it opens oneself to another such that they get the ‘real you’!

 Generosity:  The Quality of Being Kind and Generous.

If we are looking at generosity as an access to one’s self-transformation, the inquiry can certainly lead to conversations that make a difference (read blog here) . What I have learned, over the years of my personal development, is to notice how I listen.

If I am busy, pre-occupied and scrutinizing the time being taken in conversing with someone, you could say I am being ‘stingy’ with my time and how I listen. Indeed, and thankfully, I sometimes even address that I have not been listening to the person for the last xx...few minutes, (“essentially that I had switched off”). Integrity restored, the new listening arises as a result!

If I have my ‘being generous’ ears on, then I know that I am focused on making a difference with the person I am talking with, in whatever way I can. I have also discovered that ‘being of service’ is one way one can demonstrate one’s generosity. For instance, whenever I buy a cup of coffee and my action won’t be disruptive, I will take my empty cup to the service area as a thank you, even declaring my gratitude ‘out loud’ to the barista, who has made so many before me!

Where have you been generous recently?


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