GRATEFUL for our VETERANS(James Sloan)

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James Sloan served in the Army 147th STRAC Infantry and was drafted into the army in 1960.

He expected the Army to be disciplined. 

He completed the NCO Academy, the Chemical Biological and Radiological traing classes and the Radio communications course. He was also an instructor in Map Reading and Hand to Hand Combat. They trained as a small unit combat and recon group. The training was very demanding.

Jim was an expert with the M1 rifle and proficient with the BAR automatic rifle, the anti tank(bazooka) launcher, the model 1911.45 automatic pistol and the rifle grenade launcher.

They were up in the morning at 5am, revelry at 5:30am and breakfast at 6am and then a combination of physical training, classroom, and weapons training.

Jim was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. He served in the Army for 2 years from 1960-1962. 

Jim did not see any combat or did not travel to any other countries while in the Army. In his spare time he wrote letters to a couple of friends and his parents and did not experience getting lonely or homesick. The food for the most part was quite good , "except we spent a lot of time in the field  and the C-rations were not geat".

For recreation he spent time exploring the mountains and forests in the area of Washington State. The most important thing that Jim learned was leadership skills.

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