Guest Blogging Opportunities - how to find guest blogging sites right for you

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Did you read my blog on the 7 Best Tips on How to Get More Readers to Your Blog, and are now looking to find good guest blogging opportunities?

Guest Blogging Opportunities - JoAnne Mbonigaba - Freedom Mompreneur by DesignWell, JoAnne, here and in today's blog, I share the 7 best ways to find site accepting guest bloggers that are right for you!  Briefly, before I get into these 7 ways, let's highlight again the 3 key reasons why you would want to guest blog. Guest Blogging allows you to get exposure and traffic to your website, position yourself as an authority in your industry and finally create high-quality backlinks to your site.

Here are the top 7 ways to find guest blogging opportunities:

1) Use Search Engine's, such as Google and Bing to find guest blogging site

2) Use Search Engines to find list of top blogs and sites within your niche

3) Review Blog Rolls

4) Leverage Free Blogging Sites or Free Forums & Social Media Sites with blogging sections

5) Use private communities and groups to connect and collaborate with other bloggers.

6) Do a competitor backlink analysis

7)Profile top guest bloggers in your niche

Okay now, let's look at each of these strategies in detail so you can get clear steps and tips you could implement immediately on reading my blog to find your next guest blogging opportunity. Also, at the end of the blog when I wrap it all up, I share key tips and tricks to help you apply these techniques successfully.

1) Use Search Engine's such as Google to find guest blogging site

Use Search Engine sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find sites that take guest contributions. Now, I know Google is a very dominant search engine and so you may be wondering why am I suggesting these other two. Well, each search engine ranks things differently so doing the same search over all three platforms could yield different valuable results and insights. Here are the specific phrases and combinations of phrases that I recommend you search to find your guest blogging opportunity:

your keyword + any of the following phrases in the double quotation marks: 

Specific example of exact syntax: organic gardening+ "submit a guest post"

How to find guest blogging opportunities“submit a guest post”
“guest post”
“guest post by”
“accepting guest posts”
“guest post guidelines”
“write for us” or “submission guidelines”
“a contributor”
“Submit a guest post”
“Add blog post”
“Submit an article”
“Suggest a guest post”
“Send a guest post”
“become an author”
“guest bloggers wanted”
“contribute to our site”
“become a contributor”
“become guest writer”
“guest column”

***Bonus tip***: Consider the wildcard character: *  in your search syntax. For example rather than putting organic gardening + "submit your post", put organic gardening + "submit * post" where * could be any phrase any length and therefore would return results such as:
“submit a post”
“submit your guest post”
“submit a blog post"
“submit a guest post”, etc

Finally, use the Search OR syntax to put all these phrases into one query request to save yourself time.

2) Use Search Engines to find list of top blogs and sites within your niche

Another way to approach your search is to find top blogs and sites within your niche and then look to see if they accept guest content. So searching phrases like your Keyword + "top * blogs" or your keyword + "popular blog" are sure to yield you results for blog sites that get significant traffic in your niche that would be great places to guest post if they welcome it.

***Bonus Tip***: As noted in my Best 7 Tips on How to Get More Readers To Your Blog, I recommend avoiding approaching the best or A-listers especially if you are a complete newbie and instead target up and comers B-listers and or even C-list blogs

3) Review Blog Rolls

Guest Blogging Opportunities- look at the blog rollOn many blog sites, they have sections that are known as blog rolls. This is where the blog owner lists and links back to other blogs related or complimentary to their blog. This is a way that they often build community, support each other, provide valuable suggestions to their readers and trade quality backlinks. To find these blog rolls you can look on the sites that you visit for a recommended list of other blogs/ sites or actually look for the word "Blog Roll".

***Bonus Tip***: Be sure to add a blogroll to your site, particularly to any related site where you were a guest blog contributor.

4) Leverage Free Blogging Sites or Free Forums & Social Media Sites with blogging sections

Leverage Free Blogging Platforms such as digital bloggers is a great way to have the power of a group contributing to a content site to help increase your visibility and rankings in the search engine. Here are my list of top 5 high-quality group blogging sites, social media sites with blogging sections and or free forums with a blogging component. Feel free to do a search for the specific ones within your niche, using similar logic and syntax that I recommended in the 1st strategy:

a)LinkedIn- a powerful and highly recorded social media site with a free blogging component called LinkedIn Articles. There is huge power to this because Linkedin ranks high in search engines, it increases engagement and visibility of your professional profile and is an excellent quality backlink that can you control and consistently help you drive traffic back to your main blog and website.

b) Facebook- yes Facebook has a blogging component although it's highly overlooked, it can be quite valuable depending on your social following. This blogging component is Facebook notes. You can write a Facebook note, add links and pictures similar to a blog and once you publish it your friends on Facebook would see, like, comment and share and it would also coFacebook searches.

Guest Blogging Opportunities - leverage social media for free wins

c)BizSugar- a great free online community where you can actually blog on their platform or share your blogs and other business news to the platform. Bonus tip: you could add a BizSugar button to your website that allows users to share and or upvote your content on BizSugar.

d)Medium - this is free blogging community created by Twitter. Great way to connect with like-minded persons within your industry. Share your content and build a following and or network.

e)Quora- did you know you could blog on Quora? Yes, you can. Quora has what I would call a micro-blogging platform with their board feature. Quora is high authority site with lots of traffic so to share a couple of short and insightful blog posts that then invite people to your main blog for all the details or insights is a great way to guest blog and attract visibility and traffic to your blog.

5) Use private communities & groups to connect and collaborate with other bloggers.

There are tons or private communities and or groups online that you can join/ connect with to find opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers and or a guest blog opportunities. These opportunities can be found in such communities as a Facebook or Linkedin group for bloggers within your niche to searching/using websites such as,

***Bonus Tip***: choose wisely who you decide to collaborate with or guest post/ trade blog post with as you want to maintain your reputation and ensure that the subsequent connection reflects positively on you and your business.

6) Do a competitor backlink analysis

Guest Blogging Opportunities - what does your competitor have in their back pocket?Ideally, you want to guest blog on sites that will indeed help you to get more readers to your site so why not actually look behind the scenes of another competitor's blog or perhaps a blog that you are striving to be like to see where exactly they are getting their traffic from. You can use sites like Majestic or Moz to find out which sites exactly are providing good traffic and thus link juice to that site.

7) Profile top guest bloggers in your niche

Last but definitely not least, if you know bloggers that often guest blog in your niche. Profile them by seeing where they guest blog, be it through their social media accounts or through using search engines and then assess the ability for you to guest blog on those same sights.

***Bonus tip***: Search actual keywords phrases that you plan to target in your blogs and see which other sites and blogs come up and then look to see if there is an opportunity to guest blog and or develop a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with this blog or website owner.

Now, let's wrap up with tips to help you apply any or all of the above strategies effectively to get your content featured on someone else's site or blog:

Guest Blogging Opportunities - key tips and tricksFirst, Remember you are looking for quality relationships where you can give value preferably on an ongoing basis to 1)bring traffic to your blog, 2)establish a high-quality backlink and 3)add to your online authority and credibility so the bottom line is you want to work smart and avoid looking stupid or silly.

How you ask? 

1) Pitch the right blog to the right site!

2) Avoid cold pitching and instead establish a relationship with the blog owners by using one of the following strategies or other ways you may know to build an online relationship:

a)Follow them on their social media and interact (read, watch, comment and like) and share their content

b)Feature them in a blog or some part of your content and link back to their site. Better yet, once you have done this, send them a quick note saying you have and share the link

c)Follow their advice and then send them a quick note expressing gratitude for their advice and sharing the results you got from applying the advice as well as any additional insights that you received and could be value added for them to share.

d) Ask to interview them!

3) Craft an awesome pitch! - make it easy for them to see the value you would bring to their site quickly by crafting a memorable pitch:

a)Introduce and justify yourself

b) Suggest multiple titles and or ideas for your contribution that is aligned with their need

c) Give them a summary or outline of the proposed blog

d) Share a previous blog or share the actual easy and ready to publish content

So there you have it, I hope you start today to search, build a positive relationship and then submit a guest blog to complimentary sites using the tips I have provided above. If you are a do it now person, I would love for you to share your results in the comments below and or when you do get your guest blog post, do come back and share it as a comment on this blog post. I'd be happy to read it, comment and or share it for you.

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To your success!

JoAnneGuest Blogging Opportunities - Complete Guide author JoAnne Mbonigaba

JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

p.s: I trust you found value in my blog giving you the best 7 strategies to discover Guest Blogging Opportunities just right for you if so, subscribe below to be notified of my upcoming blogs.