How the 2021 Review Shows Reasons for Optimism in 2022

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Review of 2021 – Guidelines for 2022 – Reasons for Optimism 

As a passionate blogger, reasons for optimism represent the number one topic on the agenda. As a reader and follower, you are here to find answers to questions you have to live a prosperous, successful, and happy life.

The annual review is a fascinating task. It's when you decide if the published articles are of interest to you. It's the moment of truth, both from a negative and positive point of view. Perhaps I thought interesting articles could get a thumb down from you while other posts climb on the popularity ladder.

Your words will be my guideline, and there are enormous reasons for optimism after analyzing your judgment.

Summing up your qualifications for the articles from 2021, some common keywords give a condensed direction of what you ask for during this year. 

  • Visualization
  • Tools
  • Money
  • Passion
  •  Success

A never-ending question is always why one article has more views than another. You can never address the answer in a few words, but the ranking depends on multiple things. After some years of blogging, you learn what works better and what doesn't work at all.

On top of all, we have now been living a whole year with Covid-19. Isolation and severe interruptions in the lifestyle you are accustomed to. But should all these be reasons for optimism? Certainly not, but life will always leverage all in your surroundings...Continue Reading!>>

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