Better Life Than Now

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Hello, my friends!

Not satisfied?                                                                                           Are you trapped in some kind of financial mess? Is your job becoming a nightmare? Are you wondering if you can ever live a better life? Are you questioning the purpose of your existence on earth? Or are you looking for a way to fulfil your dream? The Question could go on and on.

You deserve better things:                                                                               However, the simple truth is that sometimes, life does not give you exactly what you want or deserve. So, you find yourself struggling with circumstances that are far below your expectations. In reality, we all deserve the best; because the world is created with an abundance of resources for all. But why do we not have a fair share of this abundance that we can all feel around us? There are actually many reasons for that. Some of them are:                                       

Reasons for lack of abundance:                                                                 

1. Ignorance of the right things to do to attract abundance.

2. Inherited mindset from the society that life is all about struggling and working so hard to earn a salary.

3. Fear of leaping into the unknown, to explore possibilities for a change of lifestyle.

4. Association with people who are complacent in their comfort zone.

5. Reluctance in taking risks.

6. The tradition of working for money, instead of money working for you.

7. Lack of curiosity about the purpose and meaning of life.

Be curious to find out more:                                                                             Never the less, I want to let you know that life could better than it is now; if we are willing to investigate and find out more than we already know. Let me say that there is nothing to lose in trying to know more about life from other people's experiences and perspectives. As a matter of fact, it is of a great advantage to learn how other people changed their lives and stories. If you study their stories carefully, you will be able to find out things that can help you to change your own life.

You need to launch out:                                                                                 Therefore, I want to tell you that life can be better than it is now; no matter where you are. There is actually room for improvement if we dare to try other methods of doing things, or take chances in trying out new opportunities. It is quite evident that people who changed their lives in tremendous ways are those who, out of dissatisfaction and sometimes desperation, launched out into new horizons of activities and were finally graced with success. There are so many examples out there. After all, life's activities are all about risk; because life itself is a risk. 

Take some risks:                                                                                         Are you prepared to take risks - I mean reasonable risk? Are you ready to do things you have never done before? Then, a better life awaits you on the other side. There is this saying that; "if you want to get what you never had before, then you must do what you have never done before". That is just the truth of the matter. You can not be doing the same things and expect a different result. So, change your mindset and release yourself from some self-imposed limitations. Explore the world and exploit all the good opportunities that come your way.

No harm in trying:                                                                                        According to my motto of life: "There is no harm in trials" At least in every nonsense; there is always a sense". The wise discard the 'non' and take the 'sense'. That is life in reality. I dare you to look for more 'senses' in all the 'nonsenses' around you. Never forget that life can be better than it is now; if you try to find out.  So, I challenge you to try new things with carefulness, instead of being afraid to try.

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