My Journey Into Affiliate Marketing

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Hi friends!

Introduction:                                                                                    My name is Andy Bright Ikeogwu. I am married and blessed with two grown-up children and two granddaughters. As a pastor, teacher, writer and counsellor, my passion is to help people discover the purpose of their existence on earth, with emphasis on personal development and self-awareness, towards experiencing all-round fulfilment.

Read my story:                                                                                  In this article; I want to share the story of my Journey into Affiliate Marketing with you. Over the years, with the emergence of the internet and the social media, I began to have a strong conviction that there could be great opportunities to earn reasonable income online, apart from the usual traditional way of earning salaries. I mean something different from the usual and sometimes boring 9 - 5 regular jobs.

However, I did not actually know how to go about it, especially in my country, where internet facilities are very expensive. There was no way I could cope with the exorbitant cost of setting up an online business with such limiting factors at that time. Fortunately, by divine providence; I was able to leave my country - Nigeria, to Qatar. With affordable internet facilities in my present location, I decided to search online for opportunities to make extra income.

Searching                                                                                         I searched for things like; how to make money online: good online businesses, income opportunities online, work from home businesses, etc. Before I knew it, emails began to roll into my inbox from so many people with different offers. In my naivety, innocence and with a burning quest for online income, I began to register and order for products and packages along with different forms of training. Some were mere junks, others were overhyped nonsense, yet others were outright scams.

Some of the scammers would just advertise a juicy offer to lure the ignorant and unsuspecting seekers. They appear on the internet for a while and when they have had enough victims to swell their accounts, they disappear into thin air. You can never find them again on the internet. They are shameless and heartless!

Discouraged:                                                                                    I tried several offers and packages for some years, without any success. Instead, I was losing money. So, I was about to give up on “my online income dream”. However, there was a deep conviction within me to keep trying. To cut my story short, I started receiving different emails from the Six Figure Mentors (SFM), in the course of my discouragement. I did not bother to pay attention to it, because I labelled it as “one of those sweet talk scams”.

Here comes SFM:                                                                             One day, I got another email from Luke and Brooke regarding how they are earning a good income   SFM. As I was about to delete the mail, something struck me on the inside, as if to say: “Don’t delete this mail”. I paused and hesitated for a while; before I began to read the email. Then I watched the video through the link provided. That was the beginning of the change that I needed in my life.

Stuart Ross, in his clear and simple presentation about the SFM System swept my feet off the ground. I sighed with relief and said to myself; “This is what you have been looking for”. Stuart Ross gave me all the answers I was looking for, in that single presentation. He gave assurance regarding my fears about scammers and about the technicalities of operating a business online. He made me realize that even a newbie and anybody anywhere around the world can plug into the system and start running immediately.

SFM is a-done-for-you system:                                                                 According to him; “All you needed to do to start up your online business, has already been done for you”. It sounded too good to be true. I didn’t even wait to watch the seven-day free video offer; before I registered and then upgraded. The reason was that I was convinced beyond all reasonable doubt; that the system will work. I must confess with gratitude to the SFM system that my life is changing in so many dimensions and directions. What I am learning here, at SFM, can never be quantified in financial terms. SFM is a place to be; if you are looking for personal development, financial freedom, time-freedom, and all-round fulfilment.

I have never seen simple, honest and straightforward people like Stuart Ross and his co-founder Jay Kubassek, with their team of experts, who are so passionate about helping people to discover and fulfil their purpose on earth. Their knowledge, experience and expertise are more than words can describe. I would rather recommend that you try and find out for yourself, just as I did.

That was how my Journey into Affiliate Marketing started.

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