The Positive Sides of Failure

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Introduction:                                                                                         We live in a world that is crazy for success and achievement. Most people are taught how to succeed and how to manage success. That is just the emphasis in most cases. Unfortunately, people inevitably experience failure in their pursuit of success. For the fact that they are not taught or prepared to handle failure, which is an integral part of the process, they experience all kinds of emotional and psychological breakdowns and traumas. Some of this negative experiences lead to suicidal tendencies and sometimes actual suicide. In some instances, it makes people adopt attitudes that are inimical to society and harmful to self.

Failure is natural and normal:                                                                          In this write up; I want to share some hints that will help you to manage failure, whenever it comes. That is why I titled this article; 'The Positive Sides of Failure". Whether we like it or not, or whether we accept it or not, failure in one way or the other is inevitable, because of the frailties, weaknesses and inadequacies of human beings. There is nobody on this earth who has never failed in one form or the other. It could be in relationships, marriage, business, personal finance, spiritual discipline, or other areas of engagement.

Don't give up:                                                                                        Failure is natural, normal and temporal as an integral part of life.  It acts as an instrument for learning and growth. Remember, you are just passing through this world for the first time. And there is no way you could master anything without failing and learning. So, I encourage you not to condemn yourself or give up because you failed. You are just human in the first place. Don't be too hard on yourself, but give yourself a second chance to try again. Just keep on trying with better plans from your experience. You will surely succeed at last. Many of the successful went through the same process. But they made it at last. So, you too can.

Lessons and benefits from failure:                                                                        Let's look at some valuable lessons and benefits that we can derive from temporary failure(s).

1. Failure is not meant to break us but to build us up. It helps to bring out the best in us.

2. Failure is a raw material for success. In other words, failure is success in an unrefined state.

3. Progressive experience comes from failure. That is to say, that failure helps us to advance in life, thereby making us better and stronger.

4. Maturity, which is the product of experience, sometimes comes through the ladder of failure.

5. Failure helps us to discover our weaknesses and strengths.

6. It helps us to discover better ways of doing things.

7. Failure helps us to become better individuals at last; if we are able to manage it well.

Summary:                                                                                            In summary, it is important to look at the positive sides of failure, so that we can make it our teacher and not our undertaker. There are positive things for us to learn from our failures, which prepares us for better performances and achievements. Failure is not final but vital for growth and resourcefulness. We may not be able to accomplish our great dreams, or objectives in life; until we have failed and learnt from the process. The most important thing in our experiences is our mindset, attitude and response. How we manage the experience matters much

Conclusion:                                                                                           Therefore, while you pursue your life's goals in any area; be positive and teachable. Just note that everything you go through is just there to teach you, to become a better person. That will also help you in your relationships and transactions. Failure has it's positive sides, part of which we have discussed in this article. 

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