INITIATIVE: The Ability to Assess and Start Things Independently 36 of 36

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 am coming up to my fifth and final weekend of my second Wisdom Unlimited Course run down here in Australia. I have been diligent in getting the past 35 blogs of words/phrases that access transformation onto paper/screen. What I have noticed is that it has all come out from the ‘INITIATIVE’ we were all invited to take on back in Weekend 3 on August 16 – 18. I could have chosen any one of the 35 written below and I chose “GENERATING”.

As a result, there have been moments where the word/phrase at hand had me challenged. Research and getting clear with fellow participants and graduates have really allowed me to give each blog a ‘good go’!

Accessing Transformation through words:

        1.  Generating
        2.  Contribution
        3.  Participation
        4.  Getting Off It
        5.  Sharing
        6.  Empty and Meaningless
        7.  This Is it
        8.  Completion
        9.  Responsibility
        10.  Authenticity
        11.  Inquiry
        12.  Stand
        13.  Nothing
        14.  Commitment
        15.  Promise
        16.  Past
        17.  Creating from Nothing
        18.  Choice           
        19.  Communication
        20.  Being unreasonable
        21.  Service
        22.  Enrolment
        23.  Transformation
        24.  Possibility
        25.  Self Expression
        26.  Acknowledgment
        27.   Context
        28.   Distinguishing
        29.   Unreasonable Request
        30.   Existence
        31.  Breakthrough
        32.   Making a Difference
        33.  Generosity
        34.  Registration
        35.   Integrity
        36.   Initiative: This blog! 

What Initiative Are You Causing today?


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