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Inquiry: An act of asking for information; an official investigation.


Wisdom Unlimited ‘Downunder’ started on Friday May 3rd and ends on Sunday December 15th 2019 here in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia (15 minutes from the famous Byron Bay). It is run by Landmark Worldwide; my favourite personal development company. With 10 years under my belt with this organisation, I declare Landmark’s work is so much in the INQUIRY of what it takes to be human. Indeed Ontology is mentioned sometimes which is ‘the Study of Being”.

“Charles, why did you become the way you are today? What inspires you?” ...and so the inquiry begins......




Aaah, one of the most empowering inquiries I have known, (in every course I have done to date), through Landmark Worldwide. How much are we shaped by thoughts that have “NO POSSIBILITY?” In this inquiry, there are answers ‘all over the shop’ about why something can’t happen. I remember sitting in The Landmark Forum and being in the inquiry of having “NO TIME” and “NEVER ENOUGH MONEY” with the 200 or so participants, in Sydney, Australia. People would share how real it was for them and indeed me! I am busy here, I am busy here, I am busy there....look at my bank account, here come the bills again....... With this inquiry, we looked at the COSTS and the PAYOFFS for these complaints in our lives. Certainly, how much resignation and cynicism do we have around the complaints! However, once revealed and shared, new openings for action occurred.


Well as soon I discovered that my “busy ness” cost me way too much in terms of freedom, happiness and joy, I simply took action. Ever since then, my time is my time; where I consistently or even perpetually spend it on things I love doing. Consequently, I declare I have a great time(life), and as I asserted back in 2005, that I have a ‘million dollar lifestyle’ with the home I own, the careers I love and that I am living in the SYMBOLIC Byron Bay region of beautiful Australia,  which is my Peace Loving” community.#WP2020 !


WORLD PEACE BY 2020: Probable almost certain future or Never (as an inquiry)?


Sunday, September 15th, 2019



A happily SIGNIFICANT day in my life, as it marked 19 years (to the day) that I was interviewed “LIVE” on National TV News, New Zealand saying these words:

“... and we are declaring it as the 15 September for the next 20 years when we start the PEACE CEREMONIES!”


Sunrise to Sunset, Byron Bay , famous “main beach” outside the Byron Bay Surf Club.

I set up at 430am with over 15 bouncing boots at the ready, and the following flags:

  • ·       World Peace by 2020 x 2
  • ·       #WP2020
  • ·       WP2020
  • ·       Peace Doves World Peace by 2020 flag
  • ·       Australia
  • ·       New Zealand
  • ·       Fiji
  • ·       Great Britain
  • 1.     Hong Kong (aka China)
  • 2.     United States of America
  • 3.     Russia
  • 4.     France
  • 5.     Germany 

Highlights of Our ALL DAY Ceremony:

  • A dawn run with the bottom 5 flags, representing the top 5 armament countries, requesting ‘to camera’ that these 5 nations transform their “weapon of mass destruction” industries to the “machinery of vast production organisations”.
  • A young lanky legged red haired lad loved the ‘experience of the bounce boots so much, he ran the Peace Dove flag to the end of ‘the bay’ and back, meaning a return bounce of 1.8 km x 2!
  • “Up to The Pass and back” I said and he did! The beautiful thing about it all was he was running for World Peace by 2020 and PASSING IT ON through the flag he flew!
  • A “Where did you guys come from?” moment , as Lucy ,“Birthday Girl aged 12”, was brought over by her friend, who had tried the bouncing boots earlier in the morning when the ‘nippers’ were doing their swimming lessons.

Next thing I know, her whole birthday crew of some 10 or so girls put a pair on.

A did a quick share about my stand for World Peace and how they can support the stand.

Then I chorused them to shout in unison:


Then I asked them to each pick up a flag.

Then I asked them to follow me, (with my World Peace by 2020 flag), run to towards the famous lighthouse and do an arc back to the camera, which I am going to turn on and start recording NOW!

We ran away and towards our TV Camera on the beach, which was facing the lighthouse.

On the return, those famous words were shouted again towards camera! 




TAKE AWAY ; An Inquiry for World Peace by September 15th 2020.


For me, the whole day was remarkable for many reasons, (and Lucy’s birthday I am sure!:)

1.     I got complete of the 19 years on the 15th September ceremonies I had made and the ones I had missed.

2.     I got an insight to play for ONE YEAR, with the LINE IN THE SAND being:

WORLD PEACE by 15 September 2020.

Play a Game by PASSING IT ON!

3.     Liam, the enthusiastic young boy, who was a YES to WORLD PEACE BY 2020 and ran the flag to demonstrate his stand, simply inspired me by asking whether he could run a flag to ‘The Pass” and back; a good distance on the ‘hard sand’ of 3.6 km or 2.2 miles.

4.     I was able to share and publically “apologise to these young children” that us, as grownups, had failed them concerning wars. I was also able to share my stand and inspire them to take it on themselves.

5.     I have now got footage of the children declaring World Peace by 2020, as a possibility

6.     I have now got footage of the flags flying hard at sunset, symbolically, sharing that 15 September 2020 around the world; will be a review of the September 15th 2020 stand: YES or NO!     

Perhaps the best way of listening to life is to have it always be an INQUIRY, as one never knows what may show up? Peace be with you all, Charles Crawshaw World Citizen #WP2020



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