Part ONE Jamaica Dangerous? I share My Day in Jamaica and tell you all about it!

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This story is About Me and my self-earned online holiday to Negril in  Jamaica?

Will it be dangerous to go to Jamaica? People ask me all the time That's why I thought I will share my story with the world! I wanted to travel more and I really looooooove Jamaica. I love to go to all these far places! Places who you think are out of reach! This will be my third year coming to Jamaica.

undefinedHere is how I spent my day in beautiful Jamaica! Let me tell you it is AWESOME.

Jamaica is still so untouched and pure and nature is overwhelming! The island is really green! You can actually pick the bananas on the site of the road which is amazing right.Well for me it is and in Holland, we only have the apple and pear trees and our land is beautiful but what comes from far is......

The people are still actually caring for each other and really help each other out all the time. We usually go in the winter period which is from December till about March. This is the best time of the year and still very hot hot hot. It takes about 3 days and I am acclimatized.

If we arrive in Montego Bay from a plane trip of more than 12 hours. A good Jamaican friend is waiting for us at the airport. He actually looks like Bob Marley and everybody and his dog knows him. We jump in the car and Rosa my daughter is doing the tumb thing with our rasta friend and she giggling! Yep! We are back.

Jamaica here we come. We drive to Negril in about a little bit over an hour. This is a place with a seven-mile beach. That's how its called. Seven-mile beach, which is awesome! The water must be 28 degrees and is lukewarm tap water.Yeah, I can swim in that. No problem.

For me, it feels like coming home! it is a bit of a Hippie place where you still can really connect with the people. The hunger from what I saw is not that bad because people growing all their food in their own backyard! Don't get me wrong here I only talk about food and I bet they have less stress too.

Everybody is growing trees and all kinds come out of the ground! Things I never even heard off! I like it. Have you ever heard of an ackee tree? Well, I didn't. The fruit from the ackee looks a bit like pomegranate apples. Its a hard shell with fleshy white stuff in it. It tastes like egg, really funny and nice.

If we are there and the Ackee season is there than we all get our sticks out and walk on our slippers and try to hit the Ackee out of the tree.Everyboundefineddy who walks by comes and help. The children reach out and laugh and try it too. It is an amazing feeling to see your child with nature! We laugh and joke around with British humor! My husband is a black britt! There is this big huge bucket and the children collect the Ackee from the ground. After this fun ritual, we going to sit on this huge veranda with homemade chairs and we start to peel the Ackee. We talk and drink a beer and it is yeah hot hot hot, but we love it and is doable and there is a lot of joy in the air.

There are certain bits of the ackee which are poison but the Jamaicans teach me with the patient how to do it best! Everybody is stopping by and the more people the more fun. There is this mother of a girl I met she arrives today! she lives with her big family on the other side of the island and comes to the famous reggae music and food festival. Oh, there she is. She looks amazing in here African style dress with this big piece of cloth on her head where normal they put a drinking thing on it. Well in Africa I meant. We talk about her daughter who got a knitting machine. Ras Eddy provides it to her. She makes hats, rasta hats where the dreads can put there hair. I think its cool. She has this small business now thanks to our friend!

It's getting late nundefinedow and in the morning when I get up I can feel the warmth and look out the windows and can't see the sea. Its there very close but just can't make it so I will be able to see it. I walk to the kitchen and all these people are cooking on the gas pit with only 2 burners. Only 2 we have in the house. The house does have 7 bedrooms but 2 burners.

She introduces herself more and her husband is there as well. She is making the meals to take with her to the festival. I watch her doing it and she is a real rasta. Everything fresh goes into the pan and no meat. Respect for that because I do eat meat!

As times goes by and more people coming out of bed the plates then coming out of the kitchen. Wow, I fully plated up here with all this jammy ness food. I am in heaven and thank here. We drink homemade ginger and pineapple juice from the garden plants and rooted ginger.              A recipe I sure remember.


If you enjoyed reading the article then I want to thank you for reading and sharing my story

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