Junk in The Trunk!

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Junk In The Trunk!

"Do you have junk in your trunk?"

What I mean by this is are you holding on to things you need to let go, whether this is in your past or present life?

Have you ever thought Of writing a book, blog or doing a vlog, but you never knew how to share your story?

Your probably wondering, how you go about starting something like that? "Yes"

That was how I felt before, and then I discovered about The Six Figure Mentors Internet and Business online.

I was but now I am not, can you say the same thing?

I truly believed that deep down inside of me, I was not capable of letting go, and leaving behind me the junk in my trunk!

I am nearly 40 years old so I have collected a lot of unwanted baggage throughout my life!

I have made the decision to not carry it anymore as it is weighing me down.

Just like when you overload your suitcase when you are going away and then it's really heavy, not to mention you have to navigate your way through people and situations only then do wish you had not overloaded your baggage. 

Now my trunk is full to the brim and so are my previous trunks!

The best place for my trunk is to be padlocked up and sunk to the bottom of the ocean, so it has no way of resurfacing! 

Removing the junk in your trunk makes more room for you to expand!

When you are not being weighed down, you feel much lighter!

You are able to focus on what really matters to you!

You are a much happier person!

Some people keep hold of their junk in the trunk, as they find it hard to let go!

Emotional Hoarders, Yes I was one before!

Only when you accept, admit and defeat it, will you truly be free!

This is in any aspect of your life! 

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