Launching time of Promises!

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Did you read my blog yesterday about New Years Eve Promises and Motivation to change? 

So what happened, have you made a promise, and did you check the motivation step? 
If you where on the first or second step, I will now give you some tips to increase your motivation. So, don´t throw away your promise! Instead, work on a solution to keep it and to reach your goal. 

So, to work with your motivation, it´s really good to know yourself. Are you a person who needs whips, or rewards? Maybe you are the kind of person who likes competition. 
So start with analyse what gives you the motivation, and work from there. 

The Competitor 

You could tell everbody what you shall achieve. If you are a competitor, you probably don´t want to fail, and worse, tell others that you failed. Tell your friends, family or someone that you know should heckle you (still on a friendly way) and help you move forward to the goal. 

You could also find a person who also wants to achieve something. Decide your goals, and make a deadline. The person who don´t achieved his goal at the date of deadline, has to pay the other. I had a colleague who used to compete with his brother who could lose weight most. And the loser had to pay the winner 5000 Swedish crowns. 
It can be money, a trip, or maybe that you have to work for the winner somehow. Maybe repaint a room. It must be something that stings, something you don´t want to give away. But not something that destroy. Money for example, enough to feel its worth competing for, but not that much that you go to a small bankruptcy. 

On the other hand, maybe you are the kind om competitor, that just compete for the honour. Then a hot dog or a beer is enough to compete about. 


Are you the kind of person who wants rewards, you could give yourself a movie-evening, a dinner at a nice restaurant, a travel, or something. Sometimes the reward-person wants to have rewards all the time, like if you are going to lose weight "I have been eating sallad all day, so now I reward myself with a cookie" 
That isn´t the right way. Food is not the right reward for someone who wants to lose weight. So, make goals, headgoal and milestones, and decide small rewards for the different goals. 
When (not if) I reach my weight of, then I buy a massage for myself! 

Make the reward something that you not that often do, something that you grant yourself. 
It doesn´t have to cost money. If you are all stressed, you can have a treat that is one hour in a hot bath, with candles, soft music, and no disruptions. 
It could also be time to read a good book, or visit a long lost friend. 


Are you a person who needs whips, maybe some of the tips for Competitors can be a help. If your promis is to exercise more, it can be to buy a trainingcard, and then "loose the money" if you don´t use it. 
Or a training companion. Someone who peps and force you, when you want to skip the training, your friend peps and kicks your ass. And when that friend fails, you are there to kick his ass. 

When you have find your trick to gain more motivation, set reachables milestones.

So if your decision is to exercise, you set goals on three times a week for example. Don´t forget to praise yourself. Look you in the mirror and say to yourself "You did it, you took your time, and did a great workout, well done"

If you decide to educate yourself in online marketing, (read more down under this blog) the praise can be "You took your time to watch a valuable webinar, you learned something new! Good for you and well done" 

Now, decide to how you can climb on the motivation steps, and when you starts your trip to your goal! 
Happy, Good, Wonderful, Exciting, Challenging New Year! 

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