Our New Website is Live - the Golden Age Lifestyle

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Could the Golden Age Lifestyle be what you always dreamed of?

To define what the Golden Age Lifestyle actually is, you need to go back to an article published in October 2021. There, you could learn that this unique part of your life could be anything from an everyday average senior life to the most glorious years of your life. The mixture of leisure, social and family life, without financial struggles, is a dream for many and quite far from reality for others.

When starting my blog almost 7 years ago, I thought my niche was crystal clear. Grown-up people 55+ and close to fanatic runners, that's the target group. Indeed, many people can be included in that group. Not until I found out that not so many among my inner circle of friends and family were so enthusiastic about running as I was, did the creativity get to work to find out how to re-do my avatar.


A passion you love

The most critical ingredient in the Golden Age Lifestyle is to have a passion you love to dedicate time to, day out and day in. It could be running, but also a lot of other activities. Doing this in harmony with people living close to you generates that feeling of balance in life. Then comes up the other side of the coin in retired people's lives: the financial resources available to let all those dreams go live.

Now, the idea of this new website starts to carve out. The Golden Age Lifestyle should be healthy, wealthy, and induce a mood of happiness and well-being in every moment. To make the Golden Age Lifestyle formula complete, it should include some sort of income generation. Voilà, there's the avatar and the scope of the Golden Age Lifestyle website.

With pride, you will now be guided through the entire website and learn about the ideas behind every page...Continue reading!>>

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