PARTICIPATION - On the court or in the stands

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One of the "Transformation words" I am discovering is the word: Participation. Defined as "the action of taking part in something" has myself marvel at my level of participation in my communities. How often do I choose to not 'get involved' and operate from the sidelines with thoughts/feelings and comments; which are all separate from the actual action.

"Being On The Court"

When one is 'on the court' , one is really engaging in whatever arises, with the actions taken being because one is participating. There is never any doubt, when one is participating, about the results that are caused. "Lights, Camera, Action" is definitely an invite for joining in and taking participation to the next level.

"In the Stands"

A classic inquiry in my Landmark Forum about being "in the stands". How often do we 'sit on our hands' and refrain from getting on the court and getting amongst it! The relative ease one has to 'comment' from the stands,( with one's thoughts and opinions) makes no difference if no action is personally taken. Consider it is often MUCH EASIER to be in the stands versus on the court!

Consider when one:

·       gets involved,  

·       takes part, 

·       engages, 

·       contributes,

·       shares, 

·       associates, 

·       partakes, 

·       joins in

life itself, you are taking on transformation for yourself and it may even impact others! Now how cool is that to know, and therefore I invite you to get off the stands and get on the court declaring: I AM IN! Question is: In what?



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